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Ranking The Free Agent Goalies On Everything BUT On-Ice Performance

Friends, if you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I have a bit of a goalie thing. I love goalies. (almost) All goalies. They’re weird, and intense, and flexible, and fun.

This off-season is showing us an unprecedented number of free-agent goalies. Each time a new name enters the mix, my heart rate picks up a bit.

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I was told I had to rank my “is for me?” goalie list:

So here we go. My ranking of the free agent goalie list, going off of available information right now, and totally based on my personal opinion of these goalies and nothing analytic at all.

I’m using this list:

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Ready or not, Mer’s definitive free agent goalie ranking:

1. Braden Holtby

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Social justice king and all around amazing dude, with an equally amazing wife. What more do I need to say?

2. Anton Khudobin

He is SO WEIRD and smiley, and hangs around the ice like a cat.

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3. Henrik Lundqvist 

The KING and fashion king. Do I need more of a reason?

4. Corey Crawford

He’s cute, and probably an actually decent goalie or whatnot. He’s won some Cups. He’s solid.

5. Jacob Markstrom

I have no legitimate reasoning for this other than I know him better than the other remaining dudes and also it was really emotional and touching when his team paid tribute to his dad, who passed away early this past season. Canucks fans seem to like him a lot, and I have some Canucks fan friends.

6. Cam Talbot

He seems cool. Edited to add: Jon tells me he’s a sweet twin dad, so that ups him a bit. 

7. Jimmy Howard

He probably deserves a chance to play somewhere other than Detroit.

8. Thomas Greiss

I really don’t like the Islanders.


There you have it! My free agent goalie rankings, based on pretty much nothing. Should I do one for the goalies who are being shopped by their teams, according to the rumours? Hint: I like both Marc-Andre Fleury AND Darcy Kuemper.