Photo Credit: Maple Leafs Twitter

The Toronto Maple Leafs reveal reverse retro jerseys

It’s been a grueling three days seeing other NHL teams release (part of) their reverse retro jerseys, but finally, the Maple Leafs have shown off theirs:

We didn’t get much other than the 1970 Maple Leafs logo on the shoulder. But at least it’s something to be excited about, right?

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It’s not yet known when the Maple Leafs will release the full jersey, or even put it for sale. This is the first (sort of alternate) jersey released since 2017 unless they only use these once which would be like the Winter Classic, Stadium Series, and Centennial Classic jerseys.

Also, the reactions from fans are pretty sweet:

My money too, Bea.

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A lot of people are saying their bank accounts will be dry after this purchase.

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Oh, how did that get there?

Even BB8 thinks it’s going to be an amazing jersey.

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There is one thing that I do know though — the Maple Leafs will have my money in their bank account whenever they start selling the jersey.