Page 6ix Wednesday, December 2nd: Kane You Believe It?

Hello there drama fiends. I won’t lie, your author took a Twitter break and wasn’t super aware of the latest happenings until last night, when our TLN blog daddy Jon told me to check out what had been happening with Evander Kane the last few days. So, everyone, while there are a few other little tidbits to touch on first, we will of course be diving deep into the Kane situation(s).

But first, as is custom, we check in on how our Leafs lads are doing.

Leafs Lads (and Ladies)

Mitch Marner and the Marner Assist Fund will be hosting a stream-a-thon later this month raising money for families in need this winter. I caught a screengrab on Instagram, so be sure to check that out!

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Elsewhere, Tessa Virtue and Morgan Rielly are preparing for the holidays, which includes a stocking for each of them and their adorable pup:

To be honest our Leafs have been a bit quiet this week, so I’m sure they’re all resting up to prepare for the upcoming holiday season and possible training camp. Speaking of which…

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Bits and Bites

Will there be a training camp? Well, it seems uncertain right now:

Cancel the season, eh? Because the owners want the players to forfeit more money? The same owners (*many of) whom took their sweet time pledging to help keep their employees’ salaries whole during the worst of the first wave of COVID? Wanting more money? Shocking.

In positive hockey news, the kids are alright:

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Black Lives haven’t stopped mattering, and it’s heartening to see young hockey players taking keeping that message alive in hockey. Good for them.

We Kane’t Leave This Out

Evander Kanewhat are you doing?

Apparently, a lot. I can barely keep it all straight. Let’s see if I get this right.

Kane started something with Ryan Reaves and his….brother? On Twitter. But he referred to them as the “Reaves sisters”. He later apologized for the underlying misogyny inherent in that “insult”, but then even later, he deleted both his insulting tweet AND the apology.

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But wait! That’s not all! So, then, apparently Kane also has beef with….Logan Paul?

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This one I really don’t understand. But it doesn’t seem like the Kane drama is done…or rather, it doesn’t seem like Kane is able to stay out of trouble for long.

(I’m sorry).


Well friends, guess it has been a fairly dramatic week. Check us out on Twitter, and stay well.