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The Updated TLN Top 100 Consolidated Draft Rankings

It’s not the first time we’ve acknowledged on the site that there is a lack of excitement around the draft in Leafs land this year. The Leafs are in “Win now” mode, even if they have a funny way of showing it, but organizationally and also with fans, roster changes are the priority. Add that three draft picks is low even if Cliff Fletcher was the GM, and no first rounder takes away from a lot of the excitement as well. Throw in the fact that this year lacks true star power, and while there are some interesting names and the absolute wild card factor of COVID non-seasons, shortened seasons, etc., there are interesting elements to the two days in the draft coming up in late June.

Still, we see you draft and prospect people in Leafs land that want some draft content and we’re here to deliver. I’ll start by saying that the 2021 Draft Player Cards have been updated to reflect the most current draft rankings. You can find the player cards here, and you can find the explainer for our consolidated rankings and the Hunter Score here. The player cards have been updated to include the rankings from our own Nick Richard, as well as his scouting report on his top 32 prospects. 

As a reminder, the picks the Leafs do own in the draft are picks 57, 153, and 185.

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Here are the rankings (that we’ll update once more after Bob McKenzie’s final list.)

1 Matthew Beniers NCAA F
2 Owen Power NCAA D
3 William Eklund SHL F
4 Brandt Clarke OHL D
5 Simon Edvinsson Allsvenskan D
6 Luke Hughes USHL D
7 Dylan Guenther WHL F
8 Jesper Wallstedt SHL G
9 Mason McTavish OHL F
10 Kent Johnson NCAA F
11 Fabian Lysell SHL F
12 Cole Sillinger USHL F
13 Chaz Lucius USDP F
14 Sebastian Cossa WHL G
15 Fyodor Svechkov MHL F
16 Matthew Coronato USHL F
17 Isak Rosen SHL F
18 Xavier Bourgault QMJHL F
19 Brennan Othmann OHL F
20 Francesco Pinelli OHL F
21 Nikita Chibrikov MHL F
22 Zachary Bolduc QMJHL F
23 Aatu Raty Liiga F
24 Simon Robertsson SHL F
25 Oskar Olausson Superelit F
26 Logan Stankoven WHL F
27 Zach Dean QMJHL F
28 Carson Lambos Finland U20 D
29 Corson Ceulemans AJHL D
30 Matthew Samoskevich USHL F
31 Stanislav Svozil CZECH D
32 Zachary L’Heureux QMJHL F
33 Evan Nause QMJHL D
34 Jack Peart USHL D
35 Ville Koivunen Finland U20 F
36 Daniil Chayka OHL D
37 Tristan Broz USHL F
38 Samu Tuomaala Finland U20 F
39 Aleksi Heimosalmi Finland U20 D
40 Matthew Knies USHL F
41 Sasha Pastujov USHL F
42 Ayrton Martino USHL F
43 William Stromgren Allsvenskan F
44 Dylan Duke USHL F
45 Sean Behrens USHL D
46 Olen Zellweger WHL D
47 Artyom Grushnikov MHL D
48 Benjamin Gaudreau OHL G
49 Scott Morrow USHS D
50 Tyler Boucher USDP F
51 Wyatt Johnston OHL F
52 Brett Harrison OHL F
53 Prokhor Poltapov MHL F
54 Logan Mailloux OHL D
55 Ryder Korczak WHL F
56 Chase Stillman OHL F
57 Brent Johnson USHL D
58 Oliver Kapanen Finland U20 F
59 Jack Bar USHL D
60 Anton Olsson SHL D
61 Samu Salminen Finland U20 F
62 Cole Jordan WHL D
63 Peter Reynolds QMJHL F
64 Victor Stjernborg SHL F
65 Kirill Kirsanov MHL D
66 Alexander Kisakov MHL F
67 Vincent Iorio WHL D
68 Ilya Fedotov MHL F
69 Matvei Petrov MHL F
70 Shai Buium USHL D
71 Samuel Helenius Liiga F
72 Trevor Wong WHL F
73 Ty Voit OHL F
74 Dmitri Kuzmin Belarus D
75 Danila Klimovich Belarus F
76 James Malatesta QMJHL F
77 Justin Robidas QMJHL F
78 Ryan Ufko USHL D
79 Ethan Del Mastro OHL D
80 Dmitri Katelevsky VHL F
81 Vladislav Lukashevich MHL D
82 Aidan Hreschuk USHL D
83 Nolan Allan WHL D
84 Conner Roulette WHL F
85 Liam Dower Nilsson Superelit F
86 Robert Orr QMJHL F
87 Kyle Masters WHL D
88 Aleksi Malinen Liiga D
89 Sean Tschigerl WHL F
90 Olivier Nadeau QMJHL F
91 Tristan Lennox OHL G
92 Dmitri Kostenko MHL D
93 Cole Huckins QMJHL F
94 Jake Martin USHL D
95 Josh Doan USHL F
96 Cameron Whynot QMJHL D
97 Colton Dach WHL F
98 Roman Schmidt USHL D
99 Connor Lockhart OHL F
100 Ethan Cardwell OHL F

I’m sure that a lot of these names don’t mean a whole lot to you, but that’s where I suggest using our Player Cards as a starting resource as many of the players listed have their 2020-21 or 2019-20 stats listed. It will also give the breakdown on each player of what scouting service ranked each player where.

One of the things that doesn’t truly come through when dumping a list of names is the proximity of score for many of these players. There are players ranked lower than 57 on the consolidated rankings that received first round consideration from some services, and at the very least there is a high variance between the services on who is considered an early 2nd round pick versus someone who shouldn’t be taken in the first three rounds. Like most years the players in the top 25 are almost universally acknowledged as first rounders, and while maybe not the caliber of other drafts, but there is very much an established top three as well.

Given the tendency for there to always be a name or two to slide down the rankings from potentially being a late first to the late second and beyond, the Leafs will have options in the second round. And given how wide open COVID has made things this year there is certainly the potential for steals with the 5th and 6th round picks as well.

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A team that has done their homework might not walk away with a future star, but could realistically restock their system with solid talent that other teams overlooked. Even if the Leafs are quiet during the draft, it should be an interesting event to witness.