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Michael Hutchinson is back and that likely means someone is hurt

With the Leafs set to play the Avalanche in about three hours time, their PR team posted a tweet that should strike fear into the hearts of Leafs fans everywhere.

There is so many possibilities of what this could mean, the most likely being that one of Jack Campbell or Joseph Woll is hurt and will need to be put on the sidelines for a bit. The early indications seems to point towards Woll being out of commission since he left yesterday’s practice before the main session began.

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Another possibility is that with Petr Mrazek nearing his return, the Leafs want to leave the Marlies crease open so he can get in a conditioning start or two before being brought back to the main roster.

Of course, it could also be that one of the aforementioned goalies has caught COVID-19 and are being put into quarantine with this transaction being a last minute scramble. Over a week ago, the Leafs played an Islanders team that is being ravaged by an outbreak that has forced their last two games to be postponed. Since it takes up to two weeks for the virus to be detected, it’s always a possibility.

Whatever the reason ends up being, the fact remains that Michael Hutchinson is back in the NHL for the time being. Let’s hope his second stint with the big club this season has a better outcome than the first time around.

UPDATE: Elliotte Friedman is reporting that Woll is the goalie who is hurt, hence why Hutchinson has been brought up. Considering that he looked fine in his last start against the Sharks on Friday and was on the bench for Sunday’s game against the Ducks, then he likely suffered the injury during a recent practice. We’ll have to wait and see the severity of the injury and how long Woll will be out, but now we have more clarity on what’s happening.

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