Bluelines: Looking for luck on the road

It’s a clean slate. The Leafs have a best of 5 series with Tampa having the home advantage. Toronto will need to pick up at least one on the road to get to the next round, and tonight is as good a night as any.

Leafs at +100

For the first time in the series, the odds favour the Lightning at -121. Still, the teams are about as close together as you can be.

Can John Tavares get in the mix?

So far John Tavares is the star Leafs player that leaves us most wanting. A goal from him pays at +270, and I’m going to be wishful that Nylander joining his line will get him back in the mix.

Will Corey Perry continue to give the Leafs trouble?

Listen, I don’t want to say expect the worst for the Leafs, or that this will be a tough game for the Leafs to win, but I will say that Corey Perry has been an absolute thorn in Toronto’s side and if we have to put up with that, we might as well turn it into some cash. A goal from Corey Perry is paying at +320 tonight.

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