Marner committed to meeting with other teams as early as Wednesday

Mitch Marner offer sheet talk is not going to settle down until this story breaks one way or the other, and in the meantime we’re left piecing together what might or might not be true about this ugly negotiation. It’s no secret that TSN’s Darren Dreger has been the main conduit for Marner’s side of…


The Leafs’ most likely trade targets, ranked

While we’re all trying to get a handle on what the Leafs might do in the coming days to adjust their roster, it’s worth noting that GM Kyle Dubas, still new to the job, is perhaps the most unpredictable manager in the entire league. Figuring out who is available on the Toronto end and who…


If the Leafs trade Kadri, what happens next?

There’s a funny thing that happens every time a Leafs player is mentioned in trade rumours: People scramble to say “Well how do we replace him?” with an implication that the front office seemingly overlooked this important question. This is especially applicable in the cases of two Toronto players who’ve had their names in the…


Zaitsev reportedly garnering interest from the Canucks

As far as likely destinations for Nikita Zaitsev go, we probably should have penciled the Canucks in from the very beginning due to their puzzling attempt at a rebuild on the fly. If you’ve kept up on trade rumours over the last few years, it seems Jim Benning has been in on just about every…


The most likely trade destinations for Zaitsev

We’ve already established that, outside of the cap flexibility, it’s unlikely the Leafs will get much of value in a deal for Nikita Zaitsev, who recently made it clear he wants out of Toronto. So it follows that any general manager looking to bring him on will be looking to do one or more of…


Don’t expect much in the Zaitsev trade

Yesterday it was made known that the Leafs and Nikita Zaitsev were looking to make a clean split. After back-to-back nightmare seasons (especially offensively) for Zaitsev, and with a limited no-trade clause set to kick in a month from now, the timing of this isn’t all that surprising. I mean, the Leafs don’t let much…


This Jim Hiller situation is a bit strange

In a long-talked-about move, on Thursday the Leafs and assistant coach D.J. Smith parted ways, as he took the vacant head job in Ottawa. I say they “parted ways” instead of him being poached because it was unclear, and perhaps unlikely, that he was ever coming back with Toronto beyond this season anyway. Much has…


TSN’s trade bait board presents plenty of Leafs scenarios

In the first offseason trade bait board presented by Frank Seravalli of TSN, there are just fifteen names listed as the most likely players to be dealt this summer. Former Leaf and two-time Cup champion Phil Kessel heads up the list, which isn’t surprising considering most hockey media are bracing for the Penguins to do…


Mitch Marner is putting on a masterclass in negotiating through the media

No matter what’s going on behind the scenes, it appears the next couple months are going to be a tumultuous time for the Leafs as far as media coverage goes. With questions about Babcock’s return and the pending restricted free agents that will have an enormous impact on the team’s cap situation, it’s no wonder…


Even if the Leafs wanted to trade Nylander (which they don’t), this summer would be the worst time (so they definitely won’t)

When you’re shooting the breeze about NHL player contracts and potential trades, a lot of times two pretty frustrating concepts get overlooked. One is the difference between RFA years and UFA years; People commonly try to compare a player’s contract when the salary is heavy on the former versus one exclusively buying up the latter….