2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings- The Long Shots: Zach Bouthillier

Position: Goaltender 2018 TLN Top 20 Rank: Not Ranked How Acquired: 2018 7th Round (209th Overall) Why Bouthillier’s in this tier? We might have been a little kind to Bouthillier by putting him in the long shot tier instead of the longest shots, given that he hasn’t exactly been a statistical darling over his time in the QMJHL….


2019 Leafs Prospect Rankings- Longshots: Riley Stotts

Position: Center,  Calgary Hitmen Last Year’s Ranking: Not in the Top 20 Drafted: 2018, 3rd Round 83rd overall Why is Stotts a long shot? Well, dang. I guess in the sense that most prospects are long shots, and while there has been a consistency about Stotts, we haven’t seen anything particularly electrifying from him. Being a…


How a potential 2020 lockout would affect the Leafs

Few topics are more of a downer than a pending NHL lockout. The 2004-5 lockout essentially closed the Leafs window for being competitive in the Quinn years, and the organization’s inability to see the new direction of the league partnered with several crippling contracts put the organization into it’s darkest decade, with all due respect…


The Case for Bridging Marner

Folks… What can I say, this Mitch Marner fellow is something else. How about those contract demands? Amirite? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Anyway, I’m sorry to say that we are (I am) back on our bullshit, and we’re going to look at bringing the kid back in the short term, at a reduced rate. An idea which carries…


Leafs should offersheet Jesse Puljujarvi

Fun fact: Offersheets just don’t happen. This will probably apply a lot to this post, but also remember it the next time you are out on a ledge about Mitch Marner as well. Committing to an offersheet is committing to a whole lot of uncertainty and it’s hard to find a more risk averse group…


Connecting the dots on a potential trade with Edmonton

So the Edmonton media is something else. That much is canon at this point. Tales of their water carrying is the stuff of legend, however, when they say stuff it’s often because someone in the organization is pushing it. There’s no real risk of them coming up with stuff on their own, that’s why when…


Marner’s name added to the TSN Trade Bait board

I admit to be a sucker for trades, rumours, and speculation. I also am aware that I’m a total rube when it comes to this and that most of this is hype that has very little chance of happening. Still, I want to believe that exciting things are going to happen, and that’s why I…