2023 NHL Draft Countdown – No. 80-76: Aiden Fink, Emil Jarventie, Felix Nilsson, Andrew Gibson, Nico Myatovic

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10 months ago
Over the next few weeks leading into the 2023 NHL Draft, we’ll be counting down the Top 100 prospects in this year’s class based on Daily Faceoff’s list. Today we have No. 80 Aiden Fink, No. 79 Emil Jarventie, No. 78 Felix Nilsson, No. 77 Andrew Gibson, and No. 76 Nico Myatovic.


No. 80: Aiden Fink

Date of Birth: November 24, 2004
Nation: Canada
Position: Right Wing
Shoots: Right
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 152 lbs
Scouting Report: “Brooks Bandits winger Aiden Fink is putting up big-time numbers in the AJHL as a first-time draft-eligible forward, but he’s hardly getting big-name recognition for the 2023 NHL Draft. That dynamic may or may not change in time for this June’s draft, but one this is for sure: Fink knows how to score. It’s not just luck, even if most of the sport’s most productive skaters try to put on a modest front and remain humble. There’s an art to it. It’s at the intersection of great skill and an even better work ethic. You have to put in the hours, and that’s true of the game’s very best goalscorers.” – Russ Cohen, Elite Prospects Rinkside

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No. 79: Emil Jarventie

Date of Birth: April 4, 2005
Nation: Finland
Position: Forward
Shoots: Left
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 168 lbs
Scouting Report: “Jarventie is an offensive winger with a lethal shot. He has had a pretty eventful season playing for several different teams, which has definitely affected his level of play. As an offensive guy, being slotted in on the fourth line for a struggling SaiPa team is definitely not the optimum situation. He wasn’t really able to showcase most of his strengths during this game, although there were a few occasions where you could see some flashes of the puckhandling and confidence that has made him a decent prospect…” Rasmus Tornqvist, FC Hockey

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No. 78: Felix Nilsson

Date of Birth: June 22, 2005
Nation: Sweden 
Position: Centre
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 179 lbs
Scouting Report: “Nilsson has a lot of very valuable traits that NHL scouts covet; he is smart in all three zones, responsible defensively, reliable on the breakout and in transition, and has quick feet. He keeps his stick ready and his head on a swivel, reading his surroundings as he goes and adjusting his positioning to either stifle threats defensively, or identify pressure outlets offensively.” – Hadi Kalakeche, Dobber Prospects

No. 77: Andrew Gibson

Date of Birth: February 13, 2005
Nation: Canada
Position: Defence
Shoots: Right
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 198 lbs
Scouting Report: “Firstly, Gibson shows terrific processing ability inside the offensive zone. He knows when to pinch. He’s poised, walking the line. He gets shots through. He reads the situation and will be aggressive to seek out opportunities. He generally keeps things simple.” –Brock Otten, McKeen’s Hockey

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No. 76: Nico Myatovic

Date of Birth: December 1, 2004
Nation: Canada
Position: Forward
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 181 lbs
Scouting Report: “Myatovic generates quite a few points off of rebounds and deflections and he does so by cementing space for himself in high danger. He usually looks to position himself in the slot when his teammates are running the cycle in low danger. When his teammates are against the corner boards and facing a lot of pressure, Myatovic looks to provide a passing option along the boards. But, if you are watching Myatovic mid-cycle, more often than not he will be at net front screening the goaltender. This season, Myatovic has had quite a bit of success with rebounds, deflections and tip-in goals and it can be largely credited to his positioning.” – Josh Tessler, Smaht Scouting

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