Channel Six Podcast: Talking trades, injuries, and of course, William Nylander

Photo credit:Nick Barden
Jon Steitzer
2 years ago
We’re back. For reals this time. With our pilot episode behind us, Mer and I welcomed a couple of guests this week, Scott Maxwell and Filipe Dimas of The Leafs Nation, and we start off with a little introduction to how they came to follow hockey and they humour us with our rapid fire questions.
Given that we recorded this on Tuesday, you’ll be getting a very middle of a series against the Flames vibe from our discussion, and what we now know about David Rittich actually being a mortal, we were not privy to at the time.
Our topics discussed were:
  • If the Leafs held a Lake Tahoe type game, where should they play it?
  • The rumoured winger the Leafs are seeking and we tend to dream big.
  • The Leafs injury situation and why it makes us cry.
  • And of course, William Nylander, who if you didn’t notice, had quite the night last night.
Channel 6 Toronto · Episode 1 with Scott and Filipe
If listening to us in your browser doesn’t cut it for you, you can find us on Apple and Spotify as well. And we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with even more Channel Six for your ears.

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