If Friday afternoon’s OT loss in Chicago had you hot under the collar, you’re not alone

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Nick Alberga
3 months ago
Call it what you want – a classic overreaction or whatever – but I think Leafs Nation had every reason to be annoyed and perturbed following Friday afternoon’s OT loss in Chicago.
It was like re-watching the same old horror movie. Even though you know what’s going to happen, you still pop out of your seat for the scream scenes. Every single time. You can’t help it.
Personally, I left watching that game wondering if this is just the same old Leafs team that we’ve seen year in and year out, specifically under Sheldon Keefe. The fact that no one has any clue what team is going to show up on a nightly basis is quite alarming. They’re consistently inconsistent.
On top of that, this whole losing to inferior opponents thing makes absolutely zero sense. Full credit to them, though, Sheldon Keefe’s Maple Leafs have made it a yearly tradition —full open bar, gourmet buffet, et all. It’s been an impressive trend to document. For me, those type of losses set the tone for the entire the season. It tells me they’re not serious about winning and finally taking that next step in the journey.
And yes, I get it. In the grand scheme of things, it was game No. 18 against a cellar dwelling Blackhawks team – one, mind you, that had already beaten the likes of Vegas, Florida, and Tampa this season – following a lengthy trip overseas. The excuses wrote themselves, but I’m sorry, we’re way too far down the road in this rodeo to turn the other cheek to yet another inexplicable loss to an American Hockey League roster.
It’s unacceptable.
Can’t happen.
But honestly, how do you get a rare goal from Ryan Reaves and still find a way to lose the game?
Any way you slice it, this type of activity needs to stop.
Furthermore, I’m very aware that anyone can beat anyone on any given night in the NHL. That said, it’s the unpredictability surrounding this team that has me wanting to throw the remote through my TV more times than I’m willing to admit. More times than not, you know what you’re going to get from the good teams on a nightly basis. As for the Leafs, I still have no clue, and unfortunately, it’s been that way for a long time.
Maybe all this is just reinforcing the fact that this team and roster is flawed.
Time will tell.

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