Introducing the TLN Maple Leafs Stat Pack

Mark Norman
1 year ago
We’re happy to announce the roll-out of a valuable stats resource for Maple Leafs fans, the TLN Maple Leafs Stat Pack (MLSP).
Preview of the MLSP
This expansive Tableau dashboard, which will be updated the day after each Maple Leafs game, is designed to give fans a one-stop shop for deeper insights into their beloved Buds. Aiming to fill a void left by surface-level data storytelling in traditional sportswriting and television broadcasts, the MLSP will summarize skater, goaltender and team stats to help tell fans a better story about the performance of their Maple Leafs. We guarantee you will learn something new and interesting every time you visit.
Features of the dashboard include:
Skater Stats
  • Points-per-60
  • Primary-points-per-60
  • Points by Type (primary vs. secondary)
  • Points by State (even strength vs. powerplay vs. shorthanded)
  • Expected Goals Share (xGF%)
  • Shot Attempt Share (CF%)
  • “Expectations vs. Reality” (a scatterplot of actual goal share [GF%] vs. expected goal share [xGF%] to see who is out/underperforming their expected goals rate
  • “Give ‘n Take” (a net view of takeaways and giveaways)
  • “Sin Bin” (a net view of penalties taken and drawn)
  • “Predator vs. Prey” (a net view of hits taken and given)
  • “Wear & Tear” (a combination view of hits taken and blocked shots)
  • Percentage Driven Outcomes (PDO – a view of on-ice shooting % and save % at 5v5, combined into a single number to gauge puck luck)
Goaltending Stats
  • Raw cumulative save percentage for Frederik Andersen and Jack Campbell
  • Frederik Andersen (looking at Andersen’s save percentage and goals saved above expectation-per-60 [GSAx/60] in All Situations, 5v5 and Shorthanded to understand his overall numbers)
  • Expanding out the Frederik Andersen view to show how he measures up against his colleagues
Team Stats
  • Cumulative points percentage
  • Cumulative goal differential
  • Cumulative penalty differential
  • Cumulative powerplay success rate
  • Cumulative penalty kill success rate
  • “Bowman Index” (a combination view of powerplay success rate and penalty kill success rate, made famous by legendary coach Scotty Bowman)
  • Cumulative Shot Attempt Share (CF%) at 5v5
  • Cumulative Goal Share (GF%) at 5v5
  • Cumulative Expected Goal Share (xGF%) at 5v5
The dashboard, built using publicly-available data from Evolving-Hockey and NHL.com, is an ever-growing resource that will have new items added over time, so feel free to make suggestions on features you would like to see to the dashboard’s creator, Mark Norman, via his Twitter.
Enjoy getting to know your team a little better, Maple Leafs fans!
Note: The MLSP is not optimized for mobile viewing, and show only be viewed on desktop devices.

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