Scouting Report: Could Ryan Tverberg become something for the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Photo credit:Steven Ellis/Daily Faceoff
Steven Ellis
1 month ago
Will Ryan Tverberg ever become a full-time NHLer? Who knows. But he’s making a case for a potential call-up – something that seemed far-fetched not too long ago.
Tverberg has always been a long-shot to make the NHL. The 22-year-old needed an incredible stretch run just to get drafted 213th overall in 2020. At the time, he was putting up good numbers with the OJHL’s Toronto Jr. Canadiens, but his selection still felt like a stretch at the time.
But the biggest decision came when Tverberg switched his college commitment from Harvard to the University of Connecticut – something that may have saved his chances of becoming an impactful pro player.
After finishing his junior season with Connecticut last season, Tverberg had a fairly uneventful seven-game stint as a depth player for Toronto. But the start of the 2023-24 season proved to be fruitful, registering eight points in his first nine games. He didn’t play in November due to injuries, but everything started to fall back into place in January.
Tverberg had a career-best four goals and five points in a big 8-0 victory over the Belleville Senators on Jan. 12, marking his fourth multi-point game of his short pro career. That’s more of the exception than the rule when it comes to watching him, but when Tverberg is on his game, he’s very, very noticeable.
Tverberg’s work ethic is what scouts like, and it’s paying off. The 22-year-old winger is on pace for just under 50 points while being an integral piece of Toronto’s offense.
“He’s got that grinder mentality, but he’s playing more of an offensive role with the Marlies,” a scout said. “He’s the type of guy that knows his pathway to the NHL and the obstacles to make it happen. He’s not a natural offensive threat, but he’s trying to make himself indispensable.”
Tverberg plays like a bulldog – he is always moving, bringing the energy, and has the muscle mass to make it work. He’s especially good when fighting for loose pucks around the net and pushing defenders out of the way. He’s not going to wow you with quick hands, though.
His lack of creativity will typecast him into a bottom-line role, and that’s fine. He’s never shown any signs of being anything more than that, and the Leafs need more guys like him. Does he have enough talent with the puck at an NHL level to earn a full-time gig? Scouts aren’t so sure.
“I’m not sure he’s dynamic enough to become a consistent NHLer,” a scout said. “I think he should make the NHL and could fill in different roles, but he’s not the type of guy I’d consider a lock to play a full season at a time.”
Don’t be surprised if he makes a big enough impact in training camp next year to start the season in the NHL. He’s a pro player through and through – someone who has had to prove himself his entire career and has continued to just get better with more experience. His skating is great, his compete level is excellent and his scoring touch has improved over time – so much so that he’s looking like a solid, depth pro player.
“Every team needs a guy like him,” another scout said. “He’s not going to get you much value in a trade, but he’s the type of player teams are looking for each season. And that’s important for Toronto.”
Even if Tverberg doesn’t become a full-time NHLer, the Leafs turned a seventh-rounder into a key piece of the team’s depth chart. Tverberg could end up becoming a career AHLer and still bring significant value. Guys like him hype teammates up because they know how hard he works to get the results he does. And that can go a long way.
What a pickup Tverberg was – and at this point, he’s not done impressing.

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