Capitals’ Tom Wilson offered an in-person hearing for high-sticking Leafs’ Noah Gregor

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Michael Mazzei
19 days ago
Tom Wilson has been offered an in-person hearing by NHL Player Safety for his vicious high-stick on Noah Gregor.
The incident occurred midway through the third period when Gregor carried the puck into the offensive zone only to be hit off the puck by Wilson along the boards. Shortly afterwards, Wilson proceeded to swing his stick right into Gregor which connected with his mouth and eye.
The referees called a double-minor penalty for high-sticking on the play since Gregor was seen on the bench with a chipped tooth. Toronto was able to capitalize on it with a power play goal from John Tavares later in the frame.
While Gregor was able to finish the game and Wilson did show remorse, those will not play much of a factor in the DoPS’s decision as this is not the first time Wilson has been given supplemental discipline. There have been at least eight incidents in which the DoPS had to get involved, including a 20-game suspension for this hit on Oskar Sundqvist back in 2018.
His most recent suspension was back in 2021 when Wilson was handed a seven-game ban for a dangerous hit on Brandon Carlo against the glass. The last time he faced supplemental discipline was a few months later when he punched Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the head while down on the ice which resulted in a $5000 fine.
It has indeed been a while since Wilson got a suspension, but the lengthy history of reckless incidents means the DoPS has the discretion to throw the hammer down at him. This is evident by the fact that he was offered an in-person hearing as this would give them the option to suspend him for six games or more if choose to do so.
There is no doubt plenty of people are shocked that this play is going to get looked at with many fully anticipating a fine and nothing more. But the video evidence shows this was a dangerous act and Wilson getting a hearing with the DoPS is the right call.

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