3 Toronto vs Boston conflicts at stake that have the bare minimum to do with hockey

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Filipe Dimas
6 days ago
The Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins are once again meeting in the playoffs and the storylines about the on-ice matchups are endless. Can Toronto’s offense get past Boston’s defense? Which goalies from the two tandems will emerge as the best of the bunch? Can the Leafs finally beat the Bruins in a playoff series for the first time since 1959?
These are just some of the many hockey intensive storylines following this upcoming series, but they aren’t the only storylines. Buried behind those are a handful of potential Toronto vs Boston matchups that have only the loosest connection to hockey? Let’s take a look at some of the dumbest.

Battle of the Backwards Corporate Sponsors: Boston Pizza vs Toronto-Dominion Bank

The Boston Bruins play in the Toronto-Dominion Centre, named after Canada’s second largest bank, while the Toronto Maple Leafs are not only sponsored by restaurant chain Boston Pizza, but Toronto General Manager Brad Treliving’s father Jim Treliving is chairman and owner of the international chain. 
While TD Bank is based and ever-present in Toronto, Boston Pizza has no actual connection with Boston. In the United States, Boston Pizza is known as the much clunkier “Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, Restaurant and Sports Bar”. Despite over 20 locations across the United States, there isn’t a single Boston’s franchise in the entire state of Massachusetts, with the closest being in Waldorf Maryland, approximately a seven hour drive out of Boston.
What’s better? Family-style pub fare or corporate bank practices? We have seven games to find out.

Battle of the Bands: Toronto’s Music Scene vs Boston’s Music Scene

Hockey and music are more entwined than one may think? Remember how fiery the offseason debates on what the Maple Leafs’ new goal song should be? And how often does a team’s victory song get praised for helping push them over the top? Then there’s the countless songs written about hockey, or referencing star players.
Toronto and Boston also happen to be two cities known for their musical output. Boston dominated the 80’s and 90’s with acts like Aerosmith, Pixies, The Cars, Boston, Bobby Brown, Dropkick Murphy’s, and New Kids on the Block. However, Toronto has had far more recent success with Drake and The Weeknd topping charts, though the city has plenty of classics to be proud of as well including Rush, Neil Young, and The Band. Expand to the Greater Toronto Area and acts such as The Tragically Hip, and Justin Bieber can also be added to the list of hockey loving musicians from the city.
Will YYZ be blaring over victory montages of the series? Or will I’m Shipping Up to Boston be getting fans excited for the Bruins in round two?

The Domi/Wahlberg Bromance

Mark Wahlberg and Tie Domi have somehow found their way into being unlikely pals. The Boston native and Toronto fan favourite are often seen shouting each other out on social media, taking photos together in public, and even vacationing together alongside David Beckham(???).
With Wahlberg being a proud Boston native, and Tie’s son Max now playing on the Maple Leafs’ first line, one has to wonder if this bromance is about to get tested in a big way. Will the pair continue to go out drinking together? Will they still wish each other happy birthday on social media? Will they finally have their long awaited boxing match? Only time will tell.

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