WDYTT: What does a successful trade of Mitch Marner or William Nylander look like?

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3 months ago
Welcome to What Do You Think Thursdays — a new series here at The Leafs Nation where you the reader are the ones who write the column!
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This week we asked you…

What does a successful trade of Mitch Marner or William Nylander look like?

You answered!
@DwayneNHL: Hard to win any 1 for 1 trade for either.. So it’s likely going to be a package that balances out your roster and makes you a better team. It just can’t be a mess like the Joe Thornton trade.. Not an easy trade to make and get better.
@Patrick15525275: Look at the players eyes, the mannerisms, what makes them tick. The deal is both Matthews and Marner gone. One is into money over everything the other is burnt out of the market
@__MikeSS__: It doesn’t. There isn’t one. We lose any deal that includes either of them. do it need to be done? Likely. But we’ll lose those moves.
@mooluvsmfdoom: Marner for Konecny Cutter Gauthier and a 2024 first
@anonymous_e_m: Aho and pesce signed long term
@curtism19671: 1 or 2d + late pick & a level 1 prospect
@theroadcrowd: Playoff wins.
@IHLChevy: Need a 2nd line centre and a top 2 d man.
@JustinLuey: By not doing it. Trading either is foolish. The Leafs need to ignore that part of the fan base and media and build around these outstanding players.
@Schadenfreude9s: Nylander for Lowry and Hellebuyck. Helle wants out, Nylander is at least a point a game player, and a top line player on 85% of the league. Both expiring contracts. Lowry replaces Kerfoot and our young guns get to move up the RW depth chart.
@TylerWallace87: hellybuck for marner straight up
@prblslvr50: Marner to NYR for K’Andre Miller + Chytil + Lafreniere Nylander to Wash for Tom Wilson
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Richard S: start with a big talented defenceman
Kim S: There cannot be a successful trade if it includes either of these two. Especially Marner.
Cliff B: Nylander going to a west coast team for a Dman
John H: As much as I like Nylander, he would be the logical choice! Marner is probably one of the best setup guys in the game! Can’t afford to lose him!
Ron A: Nylander and Murray to Anaheim for their First pick (Fantili).
David T: trade both get goalie and right shot d.
Brad D: There is no win in either of those trades
Jack M: There is no successful trade of Marner!
Rock J: Marner is the only one of those four that is untouchable
Laurie L: Nylander to Colorado for Byram and a second pick
Steve B: Both for McDavid
@kdcontractors: K’Andre Miller

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