In a game against the Edmonton Oilers, where the Maple Leafs lost in overtime, I had one thought on my mind:
Do the Maple Leafs need to trade for a top-six winger?
I explain in my video why I think they should, but why I also think Toronto shouldn’t. Plus, there is the goalie situation too — and does Kyle Dubas need to go down that road? We’ll see.
But an overtime loss to the Oilers isn’t as bad as it seems. The Maple Leafs drove the play for the most part (up until the final minutes of the third period) and were the better team tonight. Edmonton just scored on the goaltender who wasn’t as dangerous as the one he was up against (@Michael Hutchinson vs. @Mike Smith).
I hope you enjoy tonight’s video and why I think the Maple Leafs should/shouldn’t trade for a top-six player.