It’s official, the Toronto Maple Leafs are Stanley Cup champions!
Ok, they aren’t actually, but hey, EA Sports predicted it, so it must be true.
After defeating the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, and Columbus Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference, they faced off against Erik Karlsson and the San Jose Sharks (that’s still weird to say), and were victorious in seven games, with Tavares scoring the apparent game winner, as well as the Conn Smythe.
The Leafs didn’t win any regular season awards, but honestly who cares? Would you rather win the Hart, Art Ross, and Ted Lindsay, or actually have a team around you and win a Stanley Cup?
So book it. Toronto Maple Leafs. Stanley Cup champions. It’s official. There’s no way it possibly won’t happen, because EA’s simming engines are 100% realistic and are never wrong.
It’s not like I once won a Cup in the first year of a 2015-16 Toronto Maple Leafs GM mode. Yeah, the tanking Toronto Maple Leafs.
That Auston Matthews beard tho.