Above we can see where Randy Carlyle strikes a deal with Trevor Linden 
to help him succeed in the Pacific, by tanking the Ducks all over again.
Somehow, yesterday, the Anaheim Ducks decided to hire Randy Carlyle, as announced by John Buccigross:
Carlyle returns to Anaheim after coaching there for 5 years and winning the Stanley Cup on the coattails of a Hall of Fame defense. Since then, he has continued the same ill-advised decision making and tactics, leading to a collapse of that Ducks team, and then a collapse of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
How could this possibly go right for the Ducks?
We can see in this graphic from Travis Yost how his career has seen continued and dramatic decline as the game changes around him, while he refuses to. 
We, as Toronto fans, know just how Carlyle’s tenure here went. It led to the inexcusable losses-without-return of the MGK line, a huge over pay to Dion Phaneuf that we barely negotiated out of, a contract to David Clarkson that we barely negotiated out of, and, nearly, re-signing Dave Bolland to what now seems like one of the worst contracts in the league.
The Carlyle ERA (s/o to the SDP) was a hot pile of shit. As it was in the end in Anaheim. And now it begins again.


Once again, Dave Nonis finds himself as part of the management group that brings in Randy Carlyle. This culture of an old boys’ club has been criticized constantly among hockey fans, and yet it continues to breed jobs for unqualified personnel (Nonis included). 
You have to wonder just how much Nonis pushed for this. If he pushed hard, maybe you can forgive Bob Murray a bit. If this was Murray’s idea that was just supported by Nonis… that is going to look really bad on Murray in a few years.
Either way, this buddy-buddy networking system in hockey is a detriment to the game, and is unfair to the talented personnel out there looking to move up the ranks, but can’t because of the coaching carousel. Nonis is just one of many perpetrating management staff that need to be set straight or removed.


We saw many victims to Carlyle’s tomfoolery in Toronto. Who could be those players in Anaheim?
Vatanen and Lindholm – If the Ducks are in fact able to retain Lindholm and Vatanen, the likelihood that they see ice time over Kevin Bieksa is slim at best. We saw Carlyle bench Gardiner time after time, despite being the best defenseman on the team. The potential for Carlyle to mismanage Anaheim’s puck moving defensemen is great, and worrisome.
Freddy Andersen or his replacement – I feel sorry for whoever backs up John Gibson. In Toronto, we saw Carlyle start Bernier, the then goaltender of the future, right up to his undoing. Despite having a supremely capable backup in James Reimer, Bernier was given the lion’s share of starts whether or not he was performing well. Look for whoever backs up Gibson to have a rough go getting playing time.
Ducks fans – Seriously, there’s no version of this that goes well for the Ducks. I can see it now. December is here and the Ducks are 2nd in the Pacific. Everyone is laughing at me and everyone else poo-pooing this. Then comes a rough January with only 2 wins. But February is here! A short win streak keeps hopes alive! But then you lose out in March and April… and suddenly you’re seeing the Calgary Flames or Arizona Coyotes in the playoffs in place of you. And you wonder how it went so wrong…


Maybe this will finally be the stint that puts the nail in the coffin of Randy Carlyle’s career coaching in the NHL. Either way, I don’t see any situation where the Ducks improve on their season next year with Carlyle at the helm instead of Boudreau. It will be interesting (in a “tire fire” way) to see just how this plays out for the Ducks.
Orange you glad we have Mike Babcock?