You know what the internet needs? Another podcast.
Wait, no. You actually do need this podcast, because despite having a number of podcasts that go up on our site already, we’ve decided that we needed to have a super official site podcast that specifically involves contributors to this site, and deals with the content you regular see here.
It’s in that spirit we bring you Channel 6ix: A Toronto Hockey Podcast.
Hosted by Mer (@meroutloud) and Jon (@steitzerjon), we are hoping to bring you two podcasts a month featuring TLN contributors discussing their areas of expertise and appearing in roundtable panels. We’re also going to be bringing in guests to speak our their experiences in hockey and tapping into their knowledge and passion for hockey as well.
To launch our new podcast we’ve put together an Episode Zero. It’s your chance to hear about how Mer and I came to become Leafs fans, our plans for future podcasts, and we even managed to find time to talk some hockey as we recapped the Toronto Six debut in Lake Placid, a look at the rivalry with Montreal, and what to make of the Leafs injury situation. Not bad for what is essentially our pilot episode. And like all pilot episodes we’re still working out a few details, so expect a polished follow up in the near future.
In addition to our SoundCloud page, you can also find us on Spotify, and (well still pending at the moment) you’ll be able to find us on Apple and Google as well.
So look for us again in a couple of weeks, and expect opportunities to participate with mailbag questions as well.