I guess we’ve got to talk about Jack Edwards. No we really shouldn’t, it should be established that this guy is gross, but with the Leafs not playing until Thursday we probably owe you some content that isn’t just us begging for Komarov to stay out of the lineup.
Here’s what Jack Edwards had to say about Andreas Johnsson getting injured on what also a non-call on Marchand:
Anyway, let’s unpack this.
  1. That was interference by Marchand. It wasn’t called. You had to deal with a stoppage of play instead of having a penalty called. Maybe you should STFU, you worthless homer.
  2. Stopping the play when a guy is hurt generally seems like a #good #idea. Does it have the potential to be abused? (possibly). Does it mean that injuries get treated sooner and we’re not relying on the refs to diagnose the seriousness? (probably).
  3. Why the hell are you looking for bone, you crazed bastard?
  4. Am I the only one curious about what Jack Edwards standards are for Pee Wee games. Presumably they can still be conscious and have their bones still inside their body, but to be safe you should probably skate to the bench if you have a concussion because you don’t want to interrupt the flow of the game.
  5. Context apparently matters. If you want immediate medical treatment please get hurt in a regular season game with a high goal differential.
  6.  Finally, this is Jack Edwards…
Jack Edwards is a 61 year old man who look like he weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. I question how much blood someone should be calling for when they look they’d break into a thousand pieces if they slipped on the sidewalk. Does it make it right if someone bigger or “has played the game” makes the same comments? No. Though coming from Edwards the comments seem especially rich when he seems completely disconnected from the physicality of the sport he covers.
It really isn’t worth giving a whole lot of time to a guy who has his own Awful Announcing tag, but it’s hard to find a more grating personality in hockey. Let’s take a look at some of his greatest hits…
Jack Edwards compares Matt Cooke to Sirhan Sirhan
Jack Edwards yells “GET UP” at Roman Hamrlik
Jack Edwards compares the Bruins to American Revolutionaries after an empty net goal
So yeah, this guy is the worst. He’s always been the worst, and his schtick will continue to play in Boston because their fans are the worst. There aren’t many people who make me happy for Jim Hughson calling the game, but Jack Edwards is definitely one of them.