The Leafs fell 3-2 to the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday night, for their first loss in quite some time.

Well, we might get to see the Leafs without Mitch Marner

In the second period, Marner fell down.
Jim Hughson said it was a broken skate blade.
Joe Bowen said it was a broken skate blade.
Mitch Marner didn’t think it was a broken skate blade, and tried to skate to the bench, unsuccessfully.
After a few spins trying to see if he could come back, and a couple trips to the dressing room, the Leafs eventually announced Marner would be out for the night with an ankle injury. Tough bounce.
I won’t link the injury as it could be a little gruesome to see his leg bend awkwardly, but at least Marner felt comfortable enough to attempt to keep skating.
We’ll likely get an answer in the next day or two, but for now…

Travis Dermott has an offensive side too

After falling behind 2-0 to start the game, the Leafs turned to… Travis Dermott for his first goal of the year.
Some good puck skills as always, and an absolute rocket of a shot.

Someone needs to buy Frederik Andersen dinner

After a rocky first few games, Frederik Andersen is doing that whole “borderline Vezina candidate” schtick.
This sequence in the third was likely his best, and kept the Leafs in the game on a night where it never felt like the Leafs offence fully had their jump.

Matthews and Nylander should never be separated

Okay, we knew this one, right?
Game-tying goal in the third. Love to see it.

You can score on a slapshot in the shootout

Overtime solved nothing, so the Leafs and Flyers had everyone wondering if they’d be fighting for another 20-odd shooters.
CBC’s feed actually came back late, missing John Tavares’ attempt.
Then Claude Giroux did, uh, this?
After Auston Matthews missed, William Nylander went for this move and potted it home!
But unfortunately it was for naught, as Sean Couturier potted the game winner seconds later. Ah, well.

No time to waste. Leafs take on Chicago at 7 p.m. tomorrow night.