If you keep up with the Toronto Maple Leafs on social media, you’d know that they love their pets and even bring them around the ice from time to time. I know the season is right around the corner, but we’re going to have some stress-free fun today and take a page out of WeRateDogs’, and rate the loveable Leafs dogs.
Auston Matthews and Felix
We’re starting off strong with Matthews’ pup, Felix. He seems like a cuddly and dapper fellow, 11/10.
Mitch Marner and Zeus
Marner has lots of Zeus content on his Instagram and I’m here for it. Zeus is a big fan of hockey sticks and gloves, and clearly meant to be a Leafs dog, 12/10.
John Tavares and Charlie and Bo
These costumes alone are a 10/10. Charlie and Bo look a little unimpressed, but they’re playing along with the rest of the Tavares gang, so they get a 14/10.
William Nylander and Pablo
Nylander and his pup both have magnificent hair. For being an affectionate boy and being the coolest dog at any given park, Pablo gets a 12/10.
Ilya Mikheyev and Stella
If this whole hockey thing doesn’t work out for Mikheyev, he and Stella can definitely be models, 11/10.
Morgan Rielly and Zoe
Two of the main reasons that Rielly needs to stay in Toronto are, because of his talent, and Zoe, the cutest pup to exist, 14/10.
Alexander Kerfoot and Coconut
Not only is Coconut (and this family photo) adorable, but she’s also quite the businessdog with a few sponsored posts. For her name, and business pizzazz, 12/10.
Justin Holl and Franklin
Just look at those puppy eyes, 14/10.
Travis Dermott and Niylah & Huxley
This is probably one of my favourite photos yet. Dermott’s pups are adorable and look like they have loads of fun, follow along for all the dog content, 12/10.
David Kämpf and Dobby
Kampf and Dobby are quite the adventurous pair, and icymi, Dobby even has his own page! Follow him for all his cuteness and Toronto fun, 13/10.