Did you know @Alexander Kerfoot leads the Leafs in even-strength points?
Were you aware only three Leaf players are doling our more hits than they’re receiving?
Have you seen @Kyle Clifford’s ridiculous-looking PDO?
Want to dive deeper into @Jack Campbell’s recent performance?
Have you heard the Leafs have a top-three special teams group?
All these fun little tidbits were brought to your awareness by the Maple Leafs Stat Pack (MLSP), now live for the 2021-22 season.
This expansive Tableau dashboard, first introduced last season, is designed to be a one-stop-shop for deeper insights into our boys in Blue & White. The MLSP summarizes and visualizes Skater, Goaltender, and Team stats to help tell fans a better story about the performance of the Maple Leafs.
The dashboard, built using publicly-available data from Evolving-Hockey and NHL.com, is an ever-growing resource that will have new items added over time, so check back for new features or feel free to make suggested changes to Mark Norman via his Twitter.
Enjoy getting to know your team a little better, Maple Leafs fans!
Note: The MLSP is not optimized for mobile viewing, and show only be viewed on desktop devices. Plans for a mobile-friendly version are underway.