Like Elliotte Friedman, I’m going to be very careful about reporting this because things could get out of control very quickly.
According to Friedman on this evening’s edition of Saturday Headlines, NHL clubs have already begun reaching out to the Toronto Maple Leafs to ask on the price of their star winger, Phil Kessel.
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At the combine, there were teams and executives apparently asking each other “what do you think of Kessel?”, “what’s your opinion of him?”, “where do you think he’s going in his career?”
From what I understand, teams are starting to call the Toronto Maple Leafs and say “if we’re serious about doing this, what is the price going to be?” I don’t think this is going to happen, if it happens, for another couple of weeks, but I think we’re at the phase now where the serious teams who want to talk about him are going to Toronto and saying “what are we looking at if we want to get this done?”
Huh. That’s strange. I thought Phil Kessel was too expensive and too lazy and too much of a malcontent that no one else in the league wanted to trade for him? Wow, something must have changed, right?
We certainly don’t know yet who has called up the Leafs and inquired on Kessel, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the five teams that I pegged as potential landing spots. We also don’t know what the asking price for Phil Kessel is, though it sure as hell better beat the “soft deals” that were being offered before the deadline. The guy’s an elite scorer in the prime of his career. Screw your “down year” arguments, you better be ready to cough up your best picks and prospects, boy-o.
You can bet that the media, after hearing this report, will begin working on identifying the interested teams, so stay tuned to TLN and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.