At a certain point we need to accept that whenever the Leafs are going to release a new jersey it’s just going to be an exercise in disappointment. Such is the case again tonight.
First here’s the video leading up to the jersey…
Now here’s the jersey…
It’s a T. It’s a T with Arenas that looks like you’re wearing a shirt underneath your T Sweater that happens to say Arenas on it. At least the mannequin is hilariously chonky.
While getting worked up over a jersey release is silly, it is somewhat insulting how little effort the Leafs seem to put into this. There seems to be a desire to embrace 100 year old history since the past 55 years haven’t exactly given a lot to celebrate. Still, there’s no nostalgic connection the Arenas. There’s no fond memories of going to an Arenas game with your parents. It’s just like the St. Pats stuff and attempt to rewind past the Ballard years to something that bland and not controversial.
I guess you know what I think of this. So tell us your thoughts in the comments.