Frederik Andersen is concerned about the NHL coming back to play.
On a conference call with reports Tuesday, he said there’s lots of things that need to be ironed out.
“I’m not quite 100 per cent confident yet,” Andersen told reporters on a conference call Tuesday. “I think the league is very adamant about working towards that [return]. I think once we get to the hub cities, everyone has to be confident [in those] and that the league will have a good setup. So once we get there we’ll be good, but I think it’s a matter of getting there first. It looks like there’s some more things that need to be ironed out first.
“I don’t think I have just one [concern]. There’s a few things that need to be figured out, and players have to vote on it, and I think we still have a little bit of a ways to go. The whole thing in general has got to make sense. Just with future CBA stuff [the league’s current collective bargaining agreement expires in 2022], and obviously safety is very important. I’m confident that we’ll have something to vote on. I want to play; I don’t want to just sit and waste the summer or a season.
“Once we have the hub cities set up and the hubs are secure enough, I don’t think there should be any real doubt [about safety] because if it’s a closed environment, then we should be fine, right? That’s how I see it. I don’t think it really makes a big difference if it is a bubble and it’s done the right way; it really shouldn’t matter.
“I don’t think we have enough information yet. I think the PA and the league are still ironing that out and then we’ll see. It seems like it’s the 11th hour here, so hopefully things will progress a little bit in the next week, because the July 10 goal is coming up soon. I think we’ll see [what they say], and make a decision once [we] have more info.”
With the league getting closer and closer to announcing hub cities, it appears some of those concerns will be worked on sooner rather than later.
According to TSN’s Kristen Shilton, Andersen arrived in Toronto from his off-season home in California last week to begin taking part in phase two workouts. She noted he’s only permitted to travel between hi condo and the Leafs’ practice facility as a part of the government-mandated quarantine period.
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