Monday Mailbag: LUNCH!


It is my lunch hour. I’m eating grapes. I’m answering questions. Tweet @tlndc or myself with questions if you want a response next week. Or leave a comment. MAILBAG!

@olkinuora asked: What do you think is wrong with Gardiner this season?

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I feel like he’s playing scared. This happened in the lockout year; after suffering his concussion he spent a couple of months absolutely panicking whenever he approached a corner. The solution to his issue? Somebody hit him really hard again, he got back up, realized life went on, and started producing again.

Don’t believe my train of thought? Look at his recent blooper reel plays; they’re all off of sharp reactions coming out from the boards, or trying to avoid going into them. Honestly, he needs a big clean check that won’t injure him. It’s crazy, but it’s the best thought I have right now.

@NickSearle asked: wtf is wrong with the leafs? Why are they always a garbage fire everyday? Why can’t we have nice things?

The same stuff as always. They used to be a tire fire but they started stealing those tires to turn into artificial turf at the TFC practice facility. We can have nice things, but only if we have access to the Air Canada Club, which costs extra.

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@RiellyGood asked: who has been the best Marlies defenceman placethus far this season?

I’m going to go with Viktor Loov. He’s the only regular in the lineup who has shown any significant offensive ability, and hasn’t made too many glaring mistakes throughout the year. I don’t know if he’s going to be a sure-fire NHLer but there’s been some initial good things.

@ahurst11 asked: What do you make of the talk of Dallas Eakins potential rejoinging the marlies? isnt he collecting a cheque like byslma now?

I think there’s a possibility. I know that the Leafs organization wasn’t happy to lose him, and they have the budget to give him a filler spot until there’s room for him. I don’t believe that Gord Dineen is the problem with the Marlies, but I can’t imagine adding Dallas to a pretty familiar staff could hurt.

All I know is I’m going to keep an eye on my hair from now on, just to be safe.

@carylelangley asked: why do you suck?

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I was a vacuum in a past life.

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