Dmytro Timashov gets assist on lone goal in Sweden / USA

Team Sweden played their second game of the World Junior Hockey Championships today, and while William Nylander was out of the lineup as a result of his upper-body injury, fellow Leafs prospect Dmytro Timashov returned to the box score with an assist on the game’s lone goal.

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The goal, which came two and a half minutes into the second period, included a fantastic heads play by the 2015 5th Round Draft Pick. Timashov, who was positioned in front of his net as the Americans chipped away at Linus Soderstrom, quickly darted ahead as Gabriel Carlsson shoved the regained puck over to the right wing. 

Meanwhile, 2016 draft-eligible Alex Nylander, who as you probably already know is William’s younger brother, took advantage of free space on the left side. Sweden’s speed on the counter attack gave Timashov a clear lane to move the puck over, so he pitched it northwest, let up just enough for Nylander to get into the zone first, grab the puck, and roof a backhand past Alex Nedeljkovic as Louie Belpedio and Brandon Fortunato merely glided back, aware of the impending doom.


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Ultimately, that goal gave Sweden the victory, even if they didn’t necessarily deserve it; Sweden was outshot 46-23 on the day and were bailed out by a lights-out performance from Soderstrom in between the pipes. Beyond the assist, Timashov also took two shots on goal and was penalized for a high stick in the second period. Sweden’s next game is against Finland on Wednesday.

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