Kyle Dubas Is Staying With The Leafs

Kyle Dubas, Leafs assistant GM and also the General Manager of the Toronto Marlies, met with reporters today ahead of the AHL club’s quest to capture a Calder Cup, which begins this weekend.

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One of the things Dubas talked about was his future with the Leafs (or, more specifically, whether he has one).  After all, he’s considered of the brightest young minds in hockey and was already pursued by the Arizona Coyotes for their current GM vacancy.

Here’s Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star with all the juicy details:

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“I don’t believe I’m ready to be an NHL general manager. I
believe I have a lot to learn, and I believe that Toronto is the best
place for me to (do that). With everything that is going on here now,
this is not a place that I want to leave, and I don’t believe that I’m
ready to leave.”

So, yes, Dubas looks like he’s going to be staying in Toronto for at least another year.  And probably beyond that.

Lou Lamoriello’s done a great job as the GM of the Leafs since joining the club in the summer of 2015.  But it would be hard for him not to – let’s not forget that Dave Nonis did a good job managing the team after he was insulated with the likes of Dubas and Brandon Pridham.  Lamoriello is also 73 years old.  This might mean nothing, as it’s easy to envision Lamoriello managing the team still for a number of years to come.  After all, he’s shown no real signs of slowing down yet.

But Lamoriello’s age could also mean a lot.  He’s 73, and Dubas is 30.  For an organization that is ultimately still building for tomorrow, it would make sense to have one of hockey’s best young executives be shown the ropes by a Hall of Fame GM before ultimately taking the reigns himself down the line.

It’ll be an interesting storyline to monitor on a year-by-year basis as the Leafs put themselves in a position to succeed long-term not just on the ice, but off it as well.

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  • Harte of a Lion

    I’m certain he has discussed everything with Shanny and whether it’s 2 more years or longer, he knows he is being groomed to be the long term GM of the Mple Leafs.

  • SEER

    Good news.., but I think he has his plan set in place, since first com ing here.. and Shanny and Lou are just getting him prepared..

    Alright.. Too busy to look for appropriate blogs for each of these, so they are both going here..

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  • Harte of a Lion

    Reading between the lines, Dubas was turned down for the AZ job. He probably didn’t have a good answer in the interview for why they traded Kessel away and retained salary so I get it.

  • magesticRAGE

    Shanny is grooming Dubas to be a long standing GM like the Wing’s Holland, building and maintaining a centennial playoff team.
    Dubas was never going anywhere, his DNA is all over this team, he has been a part of this retooling (rebuild) from the start, and he seems like a loyal guy. That’s what I think anyway.