WWYDW: Blockbuster Trades

There’s no more than three games left in another long and grueling NHL season, and it all might end as soon as tomorrow night.  With the off-season fast approaching, things are about to get real crazy real fast.  There’s the NHL Awards, the buyout window, the draft, free agency…

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And taking part during all of that will be lots of trade discussions between NHL GMs behind closed doors.

There are a lots of names that may or may not be available around the league.

Want a forward?  Guys like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Rick Nash could be in play.

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How about a defenseman?  It sounds like Tyson Barrie, Jacob Trouba, Sami Vatanen, and Hampus Lindholm could all be had for the right price.

What about a goalie?  With expansion presumably looming, the rules that go along with that could facilitate a very interesting goalie trade market, with lots of names available but few teams in need.  Marc-Andre Fleury, Ben Bishop, Steve Mason, Brian Elliott, Ryan Miller, Jimmy Howard, Kari Lehtonen, Frederik Andersen, Andrei Vasilevski, and Malcolm Subban are among the long list of names that might be available.

And let’s not forget what the Leafs have and what other teams might like, and conversely, what the Leafs might like to move.  Tyler Bozak, Peter Holland, a plethora of draft picks…

Or if you want to get really wild (and unrealistic), how about the first overall pick?  How about James Van Riemsdyk?  Could Jake Gardiner be on the move?

Let’s talk about the trade market.  Today’s question is: what blockbuster trade(s) would you like to see the Leafs make?

Let your imagination run wild folks.  The winner is whoever comes up with the answer that best incorporates absurdity, creativity, and a little sprinkle of exaggerated plausibility.

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    • Leaffanatic74

      I dont think we can retain more then 3 players salaries, kessel and gunnerson’s retention are still on the books. I think?? and Why Bozak? they have Bonino in the 3rd spot and Bozak is 2 expensive for a 4th line center.

        • Capt.Jay

          Your are right about bozak probably not making sense for pittsburgh but to me trading for fleury makes tons of sense. His contract expires in three years, when Matthews and marner become rfa. He puts us in win now mode (if we take stamkos) as he may be the most legit and attainable starter available. And I can’t imagine he’ll be worth a huge amount given that pittsburgh will be looking to shed contracts and given the massive goalie market this summer. I don’t think it would compromise our rebuild. It gives us the best shot at winning for 3 years while we develop another goalie (ie. hart).

  • Corno4

    To Leafs: Tyson Barrie

    To Avs: Kapanen, Bozak, Corrado OR Carrick, WSH 2nd round pick

    I like Kapanen and Corrado/Carrick but I’d probably learn to like Tyson Barrie more.

    • @ShawnMacLean

      I like the trade and I think it’s fair, but if Edmonton was offering their 4th overall pick, I think the Avalance would trade Barrie to Edmonton instead.

  • Corno4

    If the salary cap doesn’t go up, I calculate that even if Columbus bought out Hartnel and Tyutin and filled in all roster holes with players making $0.9 mill, they wouldn’t be able to defend a Seth Jones offer sheet worth anything north of 6.5 million (without help).

    If I’m Lou I’d do the following: offer sheet Seth (or threaten an offer sheet) at something between 6.5-7.5 AAV. At the same time I’d offer to swap Bernier (at 2 mill retained) for Bobrovski. Over the last 2 years they have the same save % but Bernier at 2 mill retained frees up 5.3 million in cap space for Columbus, more than enough for Columbus to match the offer sheet of Seth Jones. In addition, this trade would also throw in our 2017 1st rounder and a mid level prospect, but we would demand Columbus’s 3rd overall this year in exchange.

    Scenario 1) Columbus doesn’t match the offer sheet we get Seth Jones and lose a 1st and 2nd next year and a third the year after. Seth Jones is a top 3 pick and 2nd and 3rd round picks have grown on trees for us lately.

    Scenario 2) Columbus accepts the trade and matches the offersheet, we get Pulijarvi (or Tkachuk if you prefer) we loose some cap space we weren’t going to use anyway, a 1st in 2017 and a mid level prospect. Still a win.

    Scenario 3) Columbus doesn’t accept the trade, matches the offer sheet, totally screws up their cap situation and nothing happens to us what so ever.

    • dougie88

      You just traded a player that is a free agent on July 1. Also, if you’re putting picks in a deal, you should probably indicate what round you think those picks should be. There’s a large difference between being (PIT 1 and TOR 2) and (TOR 5 and TOR 7).

    • dougie88

      Spare parts and the 31st overall won’t get the Leafs Trouba. At the very least you would need to include a good LHD prospect or a deal that includes Jake Gardiner. Consider that Hamilton netted the Bruins the 15th pick overall and two 2nds.

  • silentbob

    Its not my trade, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway

    The hockey news draft issue predicts the Leafs will use a couple of their picks to trade up from the 30th pick to the 22 pick and draft Logan Stanley.

  • 24% body fat

    Bozak does not have value,

    All these trades are terribly biased, except the vatanen one and that is an extreme overpay.

    You want Barrie, you are looking at straight up for Nylander or Gardiner plus 31st

    You want trouba, you probably more than that.

    Vatenan you can get cheaper but unless you are willing to give up Kadri or JVR and get an additional asset back there is nothing Anahiem would want.

    • Capt.Jay

      Bozak does have some trade value, but not much more than a 2nd round pick. I do agree that packages that mainly feature Bozak, Percy, Holland, etc. can’t get pieces like Trouba or Barrie.

  • Mitch92

    To Winnipeg: JVR, Lupul, Holland, Harrington, Corrado, 30th overall pick 2016, a second round pick in 2016 and a conditional first round pick in 2017(based on # games played by the player we draft with the 2nd overall pick).

    To the Leafs: 2nd overall pick 2016 and Dustin Byfuglien

  • Leaffanatic74

    Trade #1 – Islanders: Ryan Pulock & 1st round pick (19th) & 3rd round in 2017 for JVR, Frank Corrado

    Trade #2 – Bruins: Malcolm Subban & 1st round pick (29th) for Jake Gardiner, Tyler Bozak and 2017 2nd rounder

    • Gary Empey

      I like the first trade but would pass on the second. Malcolm Subban is a good prospect but he hasn’t even cracked the Bruins lineup as a backup (They opted for Jonas Gustavsson) and unless he lights the AHL/NHL on fire this year, I don’t think he’s worth more than a second round pick considering the expansion draft.

  • Capt.Jay

    Winnipeg has to trade Trouba if there’s an expansion draft because they have 3 other defensemen with NMCs that need to be protected and they can only protect 3 defensemen. But Winnipeg is still going to try to get the best value they can.

    If Edmonton is willing to give up the 4th overall for trouba we can’t match that. But Edmonton might want someone else. In that case Trouba’s trade value will be far lower than his actual value.

    There is a very good chance that Trouba goes for a lot less than he’s worth.

    • Gary Empey

      Winnipeg can really end up being screwed if they can’t get Enstrom to waive his NMC and there is an expansion draft. The Leafs would likely be able to keep their top two D while adding Trouba since they would want picks and/or forwards in any deal.

  • Andre Bradshaw

    Have Colorado sign Barrie and then JVR for Barrie straight up. Salary going both ways will roughly cancel out. I’d assume we’d take back about 1.5- 2 million more

  • Tomer_Lev

    1) TOR 4th round pick for Stamkos’ rights so we can sign to an 8-year deal to save AAV Cap hit

    2) JVR, Soshnikov/Brown, Kapanen/Dermott at ANA’S choice, and PIT 1 for Lindholm.

    3) Berner at 2 mil retained salary and Harrington or Percy for Fleury

    4) Bozak to anyone who will take him for a 2nd-4th

    Brown/Sosh, Leivo



    • Capt.Jay

      The way I see it there are 2 scenarios.

      Scenario 1: Edomonton trades their 4th overall pick for Trouba. JVR isn’t enough value to match that offer.

      Scenario 2: Edmonton chooses to go another route, Winnipeg is then left with no choice, they can’t protect Trouba in the expansion draft and are therefore forced to trade. In that case JVR is way too much of an overpayment. Winnipeg would be lucky if anyone was willing to offer more than the equivalent of a Kapanen. Winnipeg can’t trade for any other roster defensemen or goalie because they can’t protect either. Even a roster forward would mean that Winnipeg would have to expose someone else on their roster to the expansion draft. The only type of trade that would work would be picks and/or prospects and no one is giving up a top tier prospect like a Marner or Nylander for Trouba. It would have to be a second tier prospect like Kapanen.

      Winnipeg is screwed if there’s an expansion draft and that’s A OK with me!

  • @ShawnMacLean

    Be forewarned.. tl;dr..

    Well, let’s look at what we have.. My projected depth chart is..




    Soshnikov/Leivo/Brown/Kapanen/Johnson/Leipsic/Lindberg a victim of numbers and would start in the AHL. Unless some moves were made. More on that in a bit.

    1) Kadri and Rielly are locks. They just committed to them.
    2) Marner and Matthews are going to be in the NHL. Period. Best for them and the Leafs.
    3) JVR and Gardiner are on *great* contracts. Both are the Leafs best trade pieces, but they should be the last pieces the Leafs consider moving.
    4) I love Komarov.. don’t want him to go. So that is affecting my potential moves.
    5) Michalek, Greening, Laich, Bozak and Hunwick are pieces I would love to unload.
    6) Would love to move Bernier if we can get another goalie at a reasonable price.
    7) Valiev, Loov, Percy, Nielsen, Harrington, Leivo, and C.Smith are all prospects I would move en mass to get good value while also clearing SPCs.
    8) I am one of the few who think we should avoid Stamkos. As phenomenal as he is, I think we can manage without him and his $10mil cap hit.

    Alright.. let’s move on to, well, the moves.


    To Chicago: Jared Cowen (buyout bonus), C. Smith
    To Toronto: Bryan Bickell (25% retained, 3mil cap hit for Leafs), Andrew Shaw (RFA), Chicago 3rd 2018

    Chicago gets 3.65mil cap savings dumping Bickell and buying out Cowen, plus one less RFA to pay a raise to. Colin Smith played well for the Marlies but ultimately may prove to be more valuable at a low cost for Chicago’s 4th line. Has some potential.

    Leafs take on 3mil of Bickell for a season with the possibility of flipping him for a pick at the deadline should he regain his scoring touch. Andrew Shaw (Ontario native) is a perfect bottom-six forward who is young and has very valuable playoff experience. Can play C/W. The 3rd is the cherry on top.


    Under threat of an offer sheet, we pry Seth Jones from Columbus.. while also helping them out a little.

    To Columbus: Tobias Lindberg, Rinat Valiev, WAS 2nd 2016, TOR 3rd 2016, and TOR 2nd 2017 (conditional)
    To Toronto: Seth Jones, Jared Boll, CLB 3rd 2017

    There is little room to pay Jones his actual worth longterm in Columbus. While the possibility of 1-2-3 (would need to re-acquire 3rd from Detroit) next season would be acceptable compensation, a 2nd and 3rd right away plus another 2nd next season if Jones re-signs longterm as well as prospects Lindberg and Valiev.. They won’t find a better package. Plus the removal of 1.7mil against the cap next season in Boll.

    Leafs get one of the best RHD available who has been buried behind superior talent for most of his ELC. Jones also has the highest upside of any RHD available. The 3rd from CLB next season helps lessen the blow of the picks shipped out in the trade. Boll gets bought out and Leafs play hard-ball with Jones knowing they can match any offer-sheet but get him on a bridge deal to stay cap-compliant.


    To Colorado: Bozak, Greening, Holland, Percy
    To Toronto: Stuart (Buy-Out), Pickard, COL 3rd in 2018.

    Colorado gets some forward depth with Bozak and Holand and a dependable D prospect that is ready for the NHL who plays the kind of calm, quiet game Roy would appreciate. Look at the minutes he gave Holden! As well, they clear 3.6mil from the tire-fire that is Stuart.

    Toronto gets a goalie prospect who is no stranger to the backup role who would be more than happy to battle someone like Bernier for the starter’s role in Toronto. Toronto buys out Stuart flexing that financial muscle yet again.


    This is about as realistic as these “Choose your own Blockbuster” with a side of Leafs bias can get, in my opinion.

    End Result:




    Short-term, that doesn’t look great. But it’s still the best team the Leafs would (sadly) have iced in a decade.

    1) Michalek, Laich, Bickell, Hunwick all become UFA after next season. Freeing up $12.7mil(!) with only Hyman and Zaitsev as RFAs from that current roster. So plenty of options for flippy-flippy at deadline.
    2) This frees up spots for the kids (Soshnikov, Brown, Leivo, Kapanen, Leipsic) to battle for 3 forward spots with a spare D slot up for grabs as well.
    3) Bernier would also be a UFA, potentially freeing up another $4.1mil should Pickard prove to be legit. If not, expansion draft should make goalies available. No shortage of a market for goalies!
    4) Brad Stuart’s buyout is only over one season(weird) so $3.6mil comes off the books. We would also be free of Stephane Robidas, but I don’t think his cap hit will be a problem next season..
    5) Further investigation of the cap situation doing this has made me an even bigger supporter of the “Don’t sign Stamkos” movement. As great as he is, we have a lot of really good pieces coming up and his $10mil would allow us to be able to afford them all. Give me fantastic depth over a Superstar in his prime when we aren’t quite there yet.

  • biker7711

    When we look at the trades that the TML might make i think we have to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the current prospects

    1.Toronto has too many undersized wingers in the system, and needs to get bigger

    -Yes, the NHL is shifting smaller and smaller every year, there is an increasing emphasis on skill/speed over size. However the leafs have: Brown (5’11), Timashov (5’10), Johnson (5’10), Nylander (5’11,) Marner (5’11), Soshnikov (5’9(1/2??)), Bracco (5’10 (MAX)), Dzerkeils (5’11,) and to a degree Kadri. These players in themselves could form a skilled top 9, but would you be confident sending this group to play in game situations? Trusting that they could handle themselves against other NHL teams, who’s players who would most certainly have a physical advantage over them 95% of the time? (a conservative estimate)

    My answer would be No. Nevermind the playoffs

    Now, i’m in no way saying this could or would ever happen, especially in this genius front office that is the leafs. What i’m saying is that there is no room for all of these undersized forwards (usually wingers) in the leafs system. I won’t get into the argument of loading up the system with as many prospects as possible. There is a limit, especially when all of the prospects are at a similar development stage (AHL) and may start to get buried or compete for playing time, hindering their development and reducing value.

    We need to get a good return on these players while their value is still high. Which brings me to my next point…
    2.Toronto doesn’t have a blue chip top 2 defensive prospect, and not many top 4 defensive prospects
    …. Zeitsev is a top 4 defensemen in the nhl, if not this season he will be soon – slick skating, great passer, a decent shot and good skill, i see him with the ceiling of a No.2 but more realistically a solid No.3 D-Man.

    The only other two i see in the system having that sort of potential impact could also Dermott and Nielsen (I think Carrick is a stretch.) I still don’t really know how they look against pros however so i can’t comment further.

    With these two points in mind, the obvious strenths and weaknesses of our system, we can look at some trades the leafs could potentially make

    1. The JIM BENNING
    I wont get into some of his recent antics like some of the writers have but i will say: WOW, this guy is something else. He can’t, for the sake of Vancouver, be a GM in the NHL much longer, so while he is, lets exploit him.

    To Van:31st pick, leipsic, bozak, Gardiner
    To Tor:5th overall pick, Jake Virtanen ( I’d try to squeeze traymkin there too)

    Im trading gardiner for the chance to draft ollievi, chychern or sergachev all day long. Tackhuk and Dubois are even better. leipsic bozak and the pick are all expendable. The plus is virtanen and possibly traymkin (unlikely). Benning can continue his cup dream with the nhl ready players while leafs nation reaps the rewards of having solid prospects, with much more value, that fit our timeline. Without loosing much. Virtanen’s or tramkyns size is a plus.


    I dont know what these guys are doing either. Lets Bring in 3rd liners and ship out top 6/ top 4 ?????


    To COL: Gardiner (they love him), leipsic and one of our 2nd rounders (they might have to include a higher pick or another prospect)

    To TOR: Barrie, 10th pick

    Roy doesn’t like barrie as a top 4 defensemen, go look at his point totals, age and HERO chart and tell me what you think. Don’t forget about the effect Babcock will have on his game Vs. Roy. Again we have a chance at one of the big three D or a awesome forward prospect.