REPORT: Steven Stamkos to stay in Tampa Bay

The National Hockey League has hit peak insanity today. The Edmonton Oilers traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson in what was immediately called the worst 1-for-1 trade in NHL history. Minutes later, the Montreal Canadiens traded PK Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber in what was immediately called a competitor for the worst 1-for-1 trade in NHL history.

It was all fun and games. But now, it looks like the Leafs had a loss of their own, as Steven Stamkos has decided to stay in Tampa Bay.

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This certainly comes as a surprise, as many figured that with the process dragging out as long as it did, Stamkos would almost assuredly test the market. Rumours of friction between Stamkos and Tampa Bay staff had been swirling for quite some time, and given that their offer came with the lowest assume cap hit, nobody expect him to go through with it.

But he has. The dream is dead, and the Leafs will have to look elsewhere to add another superstar talent, should that be the direction they decide to go.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    Stamkos would have been a great addition but maybe this will end up being the best thing for the Leafs. The Leafs still need more young talent and with Stamkos, Matthews, Marner, Nylander, JVR, Kadri, Rielly, etc. in the lineup, they would push for the playoffs next year which would be too premature.

      • Gary Empey

        As a Leafs fan, it sucks to see that Stamkos has agreed to sign an 8 year, $8.5 million extension to stay in Tampa Bay instead of come home to the Toronto area and play for the Maple Leafs but oh well. Lou, Shanahan, Dubas and the rest of the Maple Leafs front office will figure something out for sure. Besides, there’s no point in hoping that the Lightning will trade Stamkos to any of the 30 NHL teams prior to the end of summer because Stamkos’ new contract apparently features a no movement clause which will make it almost impossible for other teams to acquire him via trade. It’s not impossible but it’s going to be extremely difficult to get him to agree to trade since Tampa Bay is a team that provides him the best chance to win a Stanley Cup since the team made it to the Cup Finals two years ago and almost made it back to the Cup Finals this year.

  • Jeremy Ian

    It’s too bad — but in no way a tragedy. It’s back to the original plan, that’s all. Landing superstars through free agency are freak events.

    Stamkos has a great life — winters in Florida, summers in Ontario; and his team may win a cup. I don’t know how TB management is going to resign all their players, but that’s their problem.

    Credit to Steve Yzerman. He stuck to his plan and it worked.

    The Leafs should too.

    But man, watching the Oilers and Habs melt down is some show….

    • Harold Ballard

      The bigger show is actually reading postings from Oiler fans who think that trading Hall and getting a defenceman was a good deal. Man I got to sell some more ocean front Alberta property to these oiler fans.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Just imagine the ice flowing in Steve Yzerman’s veins. First the Drouin saga, then this one, within 48 hours of free agency he pulls off the deal he’d been dangling all along, with his dumb ass colleague managers from other teams (ahem, Buffalo) waving the US Treasury around?

      I am impressed.

      But we got Matthews, Marner, Nylander, a boat load of good prospects and…. we don’t have the Habs’ nightmare:

      Weber’s cap hit is $7,857,142 through 2025-26. That’s 10 years!

  • Harte of a Lion

    I understand how fans will be upset by this turn of events however I believe it is the best outcome. I have been saying No to Stamkos and Yes to Tavares for over a year now. The Leafs are not ready for Stamkos at this point of the build.

    Unless Tavares and the Islanders have a deep playoff run and he feels that resigning is his best bet for a cup, coming home to play for his home team in 2018 stacked with Matthews, Marner, Nylnder and the new Russian 5 might be his best bet.

    Let’s have Babcock work with our young stars for a couple of seasons and then bring in the proven star to put them over the top for years and years.

    Tavares in 2018!!!

    How about an offer sheet to McDavid instead?

    • Jeremy Ian

      I’d say Bishop is bye bye. The triplet line I don’t think can hang together. Have to sign Hedman next summer. Drouin’s on contract through next year; he did burn a year off his ELC. Any team that trades for him just gets the one more year — so I don’t see Yzerman trading Drouin unless he can sign him first to a sweet contract (which he’s likely to do — as Drouin did his best to debase his own value).

      • Gary Empey

        How did Drouin debase his own value? Tampa had him sitting on the bench or in the stands for a year and a half. All he said was play me or trade me. In the end Tampa decided to play him and he looked not too bad.

        • Capt.Jay

          Seriously?! If it’s a sign and trade then you “trade for him” meaning you give up assets to get him from Tampa now. If we signed him ourselves in two days then only money was given and not players off our roster. My comment was never about the money to get him but that if it was a sign and trade then it’s money and player. Read the whole thread and keep up man.