Leafs Place Peter Holland On Waivers

In a surprise move, the Leafs placed forward Peter Holland on waivers today. Holland has an arbitration hearing scheduled for July 25th.

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The move appears to be, in essence, posturing ahead of the hearing. Placing Holland on waivers tangibly demonstrates both to the arbitrator and to Holland’s camp that he’s a player the Leafs are willing to lose. That in turn suggests a lack of value for Holland, which in theory strengthens the Leafs’ case (both in negotiating with Holland’s agent trying to get a deal done ahead of the hearing and at the hearing itself). The Minnesota Wild did the same thing with Jordan Schroeder.

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 It’s a risky move though, as Holland is a legitimate third-liner that can play up and down your lineup. Couple that with the fact that he’s 25 years old and isn’t likely to make a lot on his next contract regardless, and this is a player that you wouldn’t want to lose for nothing.

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Another interpretation, though, is that the Leafs want to move on from Holland, and are willing to lose him for nothing. James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail thinks Holland won’t be back with the team next season.

It’s possible though that the Leafs aren’t in any risk of losing Holland. Maybe there’s some sort of unwritten rule, or an unspoken “code” that GMs abide by that says they aren’t going to claim a player in a situation like this. Think of it as a similar situation to a GM signing another team’s player to an offer sheet — it’s a big no-no with the old boy’s club.

That’s just speculation on my part though. I think just about any team would be wise to make a claim on Holland, as he’s good enough to provide affordable depth to a team’s forward unit. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, and the Leafs are able to sign him to a cheap deal in the next couple of days.

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  • Kanuunankuula

    Hope we don’t lose Pistol Pete. Hasn’t been the greatest but he’s done what was asked of him and gosh darn it if he doesn’t fit right in with our absurdly handsome rebuild that we’ve got going

  • Trevor5555

    I love this management group’s creativity, resourcefulness and fearlessness. They will leave no stone or CBA rule unturned to maximize cap inefficiencies.

  • Trevor5555

    Im surprised but see the logic as a bargaining tool prior to arbitration. I see him as a 900k to 1 million salary player but Froese for example is just as good and cost 600k.

    With the depth the leafs have in the bottom 6 they can afford to play hardball and hopefully they get him signed for 600k-900k.

    Makes me wonder if there might be other players made available via waivers after the arbitration hearings. If we could land anyther like Carrado for free it would be nice. Although we now have an overabundance of prospects/players at the pro level.

    We could fill out an entire ECHL team with guys that wont make our NHL/AHL teams.

  • FlareKnight

    Not a shock. Holland is a guy the Leafs are fine with letting go of. Don’t think Babcock was much of a fan and they have enough third line guys going into next season with brighter futures than Holland has. He was an ok player, but never really consistent enough to be part of the plan going forward.

    Where was Holland really going to play in the top 9? Sure as wasn’t center with Matthews, Kadri, and Bozak there. He’s not close to as good as any of those guys. We have enough talent on the wing as well.

    Maybe he could have been on the fourth line? But we have cap dumps we can play there for part of the year.

    It’s a low risk move. Either make Holland a cheaper contract on the roster or you get rid of him with the waivers move. It’s win/win. Be more win if you could get something for him, but oh well. Guess the market isn’t there for him.

  • Capt.Jay

    The Leafs signed Josh Leivo yesterday and put Peter Holland on waivers the very next day.

    To me, that says Leivo just took Holland’s job. The Leafs would rather lose Hollland to waivers than Leivo.

    • TGT23

      Matthews, Nylander, Bozak, Kadri, and at least 3 others who can slide over. Where was Holland needed? What was his role going forward if they’d kept him? Martin has a role. Polak has a role. What was Holland? A 5th Centre?

  • Gary Empey

    When a 30th overall team places one of their bottom 6 players (9 goals) on waivers, there is usually not a lot of interest from the other 29 teams, this time of the year.

  • FlareKnight

    Thanks for the”that’s just my speculation” part Shawn, but this clearly a move by Babcock, a guy who saw hum every day… and wasn’t convinced he has what it takes to be a big-leaguer.

    Holland has shown flashes of speed, a nice touch around the net and a decent shot, but he plays like a soft 5’11” guy, even though he’s 6’4″.

    God luck Peter, where ever you end up.

  • FlareKnight

    Big player, doesn’t use it. No hands. Bottom 6 player on à last place team put on waivers. Wow big surprise. They need to dump about 6 more. This is what happens in à rebuild. Doesn’t matter how nice you are. Your only with the big team because they haven’t found anything better

  • Stan Smith

    Not so sure there is any real “risk” to the move. If no one claims him he will probably be their extra forward. If someone does claim him it clears a roster spot.