TLN “Monday” Mailbag: “April 17th”

Yeah, it’s Tuesday. Yes, I got busy and distracted on Monday and didn’t deliver a mailbag like I should have. Technically, I could just pull the “what mailbag?” manoeuvre and move on, but I figure it makes sense to actually answer some questions, so let’s get on with that!

I think we’ll have a better idea of this based on how the series goes. People are already pointing fingers at Shattenkirk for how this has gone for the Capitals (which is kind of silly), and if that type of recency bias continues, he’ll probably see a dip in expected value; especially now that the Leafs won a game where they threw a few hits and everyone assumes that missing Karl Alzner was catastrophic for the team..

If Toronto were to win this series, I bet that the idea of the Leafs being the team that gets Shattenkirk his best chance at rings in the long term starts to really spill into his mind. What looked like a slam dunk to be 7×7.5 might fall into the 6.5 to 7 range, if not less if the series completely falls off the rails for the Capitals moving forward.

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I’d still prefer to jack up the price for a year or two, but I’d probably look at a 5-7 year deal at the right price.

I think the team will always be trying to upgrade in as many areas as possible, but the “they absolutely need one of X type of defenceman” stuff should be put to rest at some point. It would be nice for Toronto to add one or two more offensively inclined defencemen who are net gains in terms of puck defensively, to mesh with the system they play now. If they have an edge to their game as well, all the better. But they won’t get into crazy bidding wars to do it, be it with dollars or with assets.

The Leafs have a few lefties in the system already who look to be good options, and as for the right side, it’s only a matter of time before somebody young and good ends up in the “change of scenery” pile again, so if they can’t get an undervalued game breaker this summer, they’ll take their time.

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I doubt it. The only spot that would really be up for grabs is Kasperi Kapanen’s, and he’s been lightning fast, a solid penalty killer, and scored some massive goals. Unless Babcock plans on shocking the world and scratching Matt Martin after calling him a permanent fixture, I don’t see where a Fehr or Soshnikov-type player could fit.

Since Dart Guy is everyone’s inner Leafs fan..

Pearson, as is the case for all MLSE teams, but if we’re worried about June, I’d wait for the parade to give them their heroes welcome.

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  • Gary Empey

    Re- “crazy bidding wars to do it, be it with dollars or with assets. “…..Unfortunately the Leafs have some prospects that are NHL ready. At some point in the near future management is going to have to resolve that unusual problem. Right now I can’t see how any of the forward “A” prospects can easily break into the lineup. Our older veterans are really not that old yet. Boyle 32, Bozak 31, Kadri 26, Komarov 30, Martin 27, JVR 27. So there may be some room to wheel and deal. Still one has to be careful when breaking up a winning combination. When attempting to get that missing piece, I have seen other teams jump out of the fryingpan only to end up in the fire.

    • Ajwl27

      Our best option might be to sit tight. If a team come calling for our young b prospects we should listen politely and if they offer a great deal. Take it. In free agency if we can pick up a Cody franson or Brendan Smith for cheap let’s do it. The key isn’t to go out and do stupid stuff