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2016-17 Leafs’ Season in Review: Week 1

If you’re back for another Season in Review post, sorry! To make sure we get you all the way through this month, we’re limiting the bunch to weekdays only, giving you a few days off to focus on all sorts of other fun stuff.

In the meantime, though, here’s a look back at the ones we posted over the past week! Click the player’s name to advance to the post.

Connor Carrick

“It’s a tough scenario for him to be in, he is supposed to be in his proverbial “prime” yet nothing indicates that he is going to be an offensive dynamo in line with other players on the team. It may be time to adjust expectations offensively. His shooting percentage will rebound, it won’t change the thought process of the player though.” – Sam Blazer

Morgan Rielly

“I know some of you may roll your eyes at this next sentence, so please, bear with me.  Rielly is a great character guy and is a good guy to have in the locker room.  He is basically the dad of the team, and given the fact that he is 23, this is quite an accomplishment.  He seems to be Leafs’ go-to media rep and has demonstrated that he is capable of being a leader for this young team.” – Jess Pincente

Connor Brown

“Brown is a perfectly good player. He hasn’t tapped out his potential at all but tiny improvements to his game could lead to better play. You’d like to see him shoot more and putting himself in a position to succeed. He was given pretty even zone starts and did well with the ice time. With more and more offense coming in from the Marlies, it’ll be interesting to see how Brown is utilized in the years ahead.” – Sam Blazer

Nikita Soshnikov

“Unfortunately for Soshnikov, his injury came about not long after Brian Boyle joined the team, so he didn’t get a proper look with a competent centre. As touched on by Dr. Aglikepull yesterday, when you’re primarily out there with players like Matt Martin and Ben Smith, all offence and pace seems to get stifled. It seems Soshnikov could be a victim of that, given those were his primary linemates.” – Ryan Fancey

Mitch Marner

“What more can you say about this guy? The only question for Marner is whether he becomes an elite forward or just remains being a very, very good one. He’s already hit what some projected to be his proverbial ceiling, so unless he’s peaking at 20, there’s still much more to come from him. Marner was just 14 points away from being top 10 in league scoring, and just 8 points away from being top 20. Depending on your definition of elite, he might already be there, or at least ready to make the jump with one more great season.” – Adam Laskaris

Check back Monday for the continuation of this series!

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  • Stan Smith

    Brown had a better season than any Leaf rookie in over 20 years, not counting this one. Carrick could see himself slide down to the third pair if the Leafs do make a deal for a top 4 dman. If they do make that deal Brown should be as untouchable as the big three.