State of TLN 2017: #JefflerOut

Much like the Leafs organization has re-arranged their various rosters over the past several weeks and months, in preparation for the upcoming 2017/18 season, The Leafs Nation has been doing similar. More exciting news will surely come in the near future, but today we’ll get things started with a departure: my own.

I am stepping down from my editor and contributor positions at The Leafs Nation and The Nation Network. My decision to do so comes after much deliberation, but with all circumstances considered, I believe it to be one that will allow myself, the site, and the network to grow to their most true respective potentials.

After four and a half years of contributing to TLN and the other platforms on The Nation Network, stepping away will be a definite change of pace. If I tried to list off every single person within or formerly within the umbrella that I wanted to thank for their help or contribution, we’d never get through this post. But I’m grateful for the confidence that head office has had in me, the lessons and mentorship instilled in me by our past and present editors, the hard work put in by all our writers, social staff, and behind the scenes workers, for all the readers and feedback on the work of mine and others, and mostly, grateful for all the friendships made and all the fun conversations had about a game we all love.

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My time at TLN and The Nation Network has been vital in the development of myself both as writer and as a person, and that won’t be something I soon forget. The summer is still pretty young, so we’ll save my next steps for a different place and time.

Moving forward, Adam Laskaris and Ryan Fancey, who have been our Associate Editors over the past several months, will be co-overseeing the site. With a combined eight years of TLN experience and a wealth of hockey insight between the two of them, I believe the site to be in good hands. They’ll be keeping you up to date with their vision, their tweaks, and most importantly, more work detailing hockey’s next superpower as the season approaches!

Thanks again to everyone who has made even the slightest of impact on this journey. We’ll talk again soon, I’m sure.


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