Babs will be back next year

After a disappointing outing in the playoffs, many (including myself) we’re maybe calling for his job to be questioned. And with Edmonton’s recent hiring of Ken Holland, there was question that he might try and bring Babcock with him in a “parting of ways” scenario. Well, we finally have our answer.

And honestly, this is probably a smart move for Dubas. While I do think that Babs is a bit behind the times, and is incredibly stubborn (so much that it probably cost us a couple of playoff series wins against the Bruins), but it probably wouldn’t have been a good move on Dubas’ part to can him after he was the GM for one season.

If that were the case, this is suddenly a really reactionary move, and puts Dubas on the hot seat already if the Leafs were to do worse next season. As bold as it would’ve been, it’s probably better to start the year with him, under the expectations that he will adapt, and if he doesn’t, then you look into firing him.

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This isn’t going to rocket the team forward by any means, but it’s not making things worse either, unless we either a) lose Sheldon Keefe, or b) Babs galaxy brains the team to the point where they don’t make the playoffs next year.

At this point, you just hope that DJ Smith gets picked up by another team, and make Keefe an assistant coach. If the entire coaching staff is back, I’ll be mad, but if Babs is the only returning one, I’m fine with that, as long as he makes the proper adjustments that this team needs.

But based on his history, I doubt that happens.

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  • Stan Smith

    I don’t know that you could say Babcock “cost us a couple of playoff series wins against the Bruins”. I mean, I guess you could say it, I just don’t know if that is true. In both series, the favoured team won. Both Leafs teams were lacking in defense, size, and physicality. This year’s team was better, and they played better in the playoffs, but they were done in by suspect goaltending in game 7, and one really bad giveaway, by a player that has done the same in the past.

    I don’t think only think this team was not good enough to be real cup challengers, I think that the Leafs management felt that themselves. They never stated they thought it was good enough, and didn’t make any moves to make us think they thought it was good enough. To me, this whole, “This is the best team in the league” and “This is the year to go for it” was a creation of the media surrounding the Leafs.

    As it is, I think Leafs management felt this season was just one more step in the Shanaplan, and maybe a little bit of the pain they said was coming, but have seen little of before now.