Page 6ix Wednesday, November 25th: Odds and Ends and A Surprise Baby

Welcome gossip friends! As we get deeper into the indefinite offseason, the drama seems to ebb and flow. Some weeks it’s plentiful, others it’s sparse, and occasionally there is one or two big things and not much else. We’re in the third category right now, so let’s take a look at the big deal gossip. But first…we have to start with our Leafsland report.

Leafs Lads

Just a couple quick tidbits from our Leafs this week. Auston Matthews continues his Movember fundraiser, while also spending some quality ice time with Connor McDavid in AZ.

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What do you think they talk about? Is AM34 the key to McDavid making a move back home to Toronto?

Elsewhere, actual puppy Travis Dermott promoted a Tiny Shelters fundraiser:

He is a very good egg.

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Finally, we’re ignoring that other ridiculous story about captain John Tavares to instead focus on this cuteness:

In tangential Leafs news, former Leaf James van Riemsdyk also took his baby skating, and it was equally adorable:

Wedding Blues

This tweet was making the rounds on Twitter yesterday, showing Canucks’ Adam Gaudette giving his bride something to truly remember their wedding by:

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His poor wife probably has this image seared into her brain.

Tensions Rise

The NHL and NHLPA are not seeing eye to eye on some contract modification talks. Will this impact the start of the season (even more than COVID already has?)

A Surprise Baby!

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And finally, we end with this surprising news out of Chicago. Patrick Kane had a baby…and nobody knew he was expecting one!


That’s all for this week, folks. Don’t forget to give us a shout on Twitter!