Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Amadio gets claimed by the Golden Knights. Maybe he’s funny or something

In a league where players with upside like Kale Clague or Cale Fleury managed to clear waivers without much fuss, we are once again treated to teams tripping over each other to claim AHL depth instead.

Okay, so tripping over themselves is an exaggeration. Vegas was pretty low down the waivers priority list and clearly the Knights seem to be up to something at the moment or at least dealing with some injuries. They also would have seen a lot of Amadio from his time in Los Angeles, but frankly the fact they would have seen a lot of his skating makes the claim even more puzzling.

Anyway, Amadio is out for the Leafs. The center depth takes another hit, although nowhere near as significant as losing Adam Brooks and not anywhere near the point of panic. In fact the Leafs gaining another contract space seems like the best part of the deal and could bring us one step closer to Ho-Sang joining the Leafs at some point.

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As for Amadio, good luck, I guess. You’ll certainly be the toughest part of a trivia question somewhere down the road asking people to name the 2021-22 Leafs.