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Adam Brooks heads home to Winnipeg as the waivers saga comes to a close

It’s been a wild few days for Adam Brooks, but one that seems like it has a happy ending as he gets to play for his hometown Jets.

A couple of days ago the Leafs claimed Brooks off of waivers believing that he could provide some solid center depth. The catch being the Leafs needed that depth to be on the Marlies, and as a result, Adam Brooks was waived again yesterday for the purpose of assigning him to the AHL.

While it seemed far more likely that it would be the Vegas Golden Knights that would claim Brooks and assign him to their AHL team in Henderson, the Jets had a change of heart since the last time Brooks was on waivers and decided to bring him home.

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So Brooks has been a member of the Leafs, Habs, Golden Knights, and now the Jets this season. That’s quite a journey.

As for the Leafs, it means that Timothy Liljegren will be recalled for the next game, and his time as a Marlie on paper only is over. It also means that the Leafs could continue to look at additional depth options, although they don’t seem to be hurting in that regard as they still have Engvall who can move over to center, or Steeves as a potential center option, even if both are better off on the wing. No rush though, and there’s still a lot of season left for Brooks to find his way back to Winnipeg.

So that’s that. It was fun while it lasted and all the best to Adam Brooks.

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