Friedman: Rodion Amirov continues to skate with his next round of chemotherapy upcoming

During Saturday night’s edition of 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman provided an update on how Rodion Amriov is doing after being diagnosed with a brain tumour. It’s safe to say the Russian forward is making great strides in his recuperation

Friedman reported that Amriov has wrapped up his six weeks of chemotherapy and has another round forthcoming in a month’s time. During that time, he has been on the ice three times a week at a rink the Leafs have rented out for him in Dusseldorf, Germany and in the gym five times a week.

This positive development comes a little over a month after the report first came out that Amirov was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Not only has his recovery gone well to this point, but he also continues to work out and skate when given the chance. It says a lot about how well run the Leafs organization is that they are spending part of their income to ensure that the 15th overall pick of the 2020 draft gets all the help and resources he needs while he recovers.

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All the best to Amirov for his next round of chemotherapy!