Brian Burke thinks the Leafs should trade William Nylander: Leafs Morning Take

Nick Alberga
10 months ago
After a 12-day search, the hunt for a new GM in Toronto has come to an end.
Earlier today, the Maple Leafs unveiled Brad Treliving as the 18th general manager in franchise history.
It’s time to get to work! I think Treliving is on a private jet to Arizona as I publish this.
We kicked off the Thursday edition of Leafs Morning Take by discussing the Kyle Dubas hire in Pittsburgh. Coincidentally, the Pens made the announcement just 30 minutes before the Leafs officially unveiled Brad Treliving to the media. Go figure! Hmm.

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As for the new Leafs GM, there’s so much to do. The next six weeks will be mighty fascinating, that’s for sure.

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Meantime, we were lucky enough to be joined by a man who’s no stranger to Brad Treliving, or to running a hockey club for that matter. Former Leafs GM/current NHL Network Analyst Brian Burke stopped by to share his thoughts on the hire. Burkie was Rosey’s GM in Toronto. It was a fantastic reunion.

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Here’s what Burke had to say about William Nylander when we asked him about the core four:
“I can address this because I addressed it in real-time. I was working at Sportsnet when it started with Nylander. I said it’s too much money, the sequence is wrong, they should have done this in an inverse order of signing. They overpaid Nylander now they guaranteed Marner would be overplayed, guaranteed Auston Matthews would be overpaid. In my mind, four guys making $40 million isn’t going to work. Even if the cap goes up, it’s not going up by more than a million and a half. It ain’t going to work. So it’s got to change.
“One guy is untradable, the other two guys are too valuable. It’s gotta be Nylander in my mind. And by the way, he’s become valuable to the point where he’s no longer overpaid in my view. I think he was, but his performance the last two years, he’s been a solid playoff performer, solid regular season performer, and it’s time I think to move on and get those assets and get your cap down.”
Lastly, for the Betano Wrap Up, we gave our Stanley Cup picks. We both like Florida.
No show tomorrow. We’ll be back on Monday at 11 AM ET. Talk then!
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