It’s time for the Maple Leafs to change their goal song

Nick Alberga
8 months ago
Taking nothing away from Hall & Oates, but it’s time.
In fact, it’s been time for a while.
When prominent names in the hockey world like Elliotte Friedman are going out of their way to chime in on the discussion point, you know it’s time.
Just tell that to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Year after year, it’s the same old story as the Leafs hit the ice for the preseason opener at Scotiabank Arena: Have they finally moved on from that dated goal song?
No, no they haven’t, and to this point, there’s been absolutely no explanation as to why they’re so reluctant to make a change. They’re either completely tone deaf, or they just don’t care. I would put good money on the latter.
Don’t get me wrong, the song’s a classic. That said, you can probably count on one hand how many current Leaf players were actually alive when it was released. In fact, on more than one occasion, when breached on the topic, several different players – including Auston Matthews – have disclosed that they would welcome a change.
Why wouldn’t you listen to your star players? It makes no sense.
Any way you slice it, the current song just doesn’t jive with the identity or on-ice brand of the organization —at all. In fact, I think the song choice has been a head scratcher since it was inexplicably introduced all those years ago.
Furthermore, I think it’s time for the team to adopt a more progressive approach when it comes to game operations in general. Have some fun for a change. For example, I love the system that the Buffalo Sabres currently have in place. Each player has a personalized goal song, and considering the era we live in, that’s a bang-on approach. We want more personality in the game, and unquestionably, this is a great way to start showcasing more of it.
Meantime, if there were ever a time to make a change, it’s now. Kyle Dubas is gone, and Brad Treliving is in, which should signify a new era of Maple Leafs hockey. There’s all the reasoning they need right there. Plain and simple.
If only someone would listen.

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