Leafs goal song news: The ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is over

Nick Alberga
8 months ago
If you were a big fan of the new goal song that the Leafs unveiled in the season opener against the Montreal Canadiens back on Wednesday night, I have some bad news for you.
For the record, the Leafs were prepared to use ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ as their goal song for all outings against Original Six foes this season. Obviously, as mentioned, that plan has changed in recent days.
At any rate, the debate rages on, and indisputably, it has become the most polarizing topic in Toronto in recent weeks. After five-plus seasons of Hall & Oates, many of which were filled with uproar and dismay from the fanbase regarding the song selection, the Leafs finally elected to go a different route in 2023-24.
And now this goes down.
Funny enough, I think the fact that everyone’s complaining about a song played after a goal is probably a good thing. It means all’s quiet on the western front, right? All in all, it was a relatively muted training camp – noise wise – for the Leafs. Additionally, the season has started that way as well with the team getting out to a solid 2-0-0 start. Hell, Ryan Reaves has been garnering most of the spotlight. And he deserves it. He’s living rent-free in the minds of Canadiens fans right now —that’s for sure.

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