Leafs waive five players

Photo credit:Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports
Jon Steitzer
1 year ago
We knew this was coming. In fact, I wrote earlier today about how it was coming. That being said, we are now playing the waiting game to see if any of them are claimed.
Let’s start with who wasn’t waived, and that was Aaron Dell. Not waiving Dell was absolutely necessary at this time, given that both New Jersey and Washington could use a goaltender, and let’s face it, Dell could be a starter in Edmonton as well, so he was going to get a ton of interest. Hopefully teams figure out their goaltending situations soon, and Dell can safely be moved to the Taxi Squad in the near future, giving the Leafs a bit more flexibility with their players.
Boyd and Brooks are both slated for the Leafs main roster or Taxi Squad, and the fact that they are waived pretty much guarantees that it is the taxi squad where they are landing. There is some risk that Boyd might get claimed, but Brooks should be a safe bet to clear.
Agostino, Marincin, and Rosen are all safe bets to easily clear waivers as well, and based on the roster announcement we saw earlier, they will be assigned to the Marlies. Marincin and Rosen are nice depth for the Leafs to tap into if needed as the season progresses, and the same is somewhat true of Agostino as a forward. It is unlikely that any team sees these players as NHL roster players, however.
Now the next 24 hours will be filled with speculation and I’m sure debate over who the Leafs should claim (short answer: no one). I’d expect it to be a pretty uneventful noon for the Leafs tomorrow, but this league continually surprises me with who gets claimed and who doesn’t, so we’ll see how this plays out.

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