Leafsnation reacts to NHL trade deadline

Caroline Szwed
1 year ago
It’s official! Another NHL trade deadline is in the books!
We already know what went down in Leafs Land but just in case you missed it, our live tracker will fill you in on anything and everything you need to know:
Now, one of my favourite parts of NHL trade deadline day are reading all the impulse fan reactions on Twitter because who doesn’t love a little entertainment sprinkled in on a very important day?
Let’s get started, shall we?
Toronto Maple Leafs icon, Steve Dangle set the tone perfectly before trade deadline with this video:
Followed by a tweet that had me doing a double take:
Now we’re onto addressing the real problem in Toronto, according to Brian:
Here’s a tweet that blew up in Leafs Land for obvious reasons:
But what if everything will be okay? (I love the positive TML fans!)
Unlikely, says a stunned Sid Seixeiro.
Did we expect more from Kyle Dubas and company?
Now, I’m not sure if this is true or not but nothing tastes better than a bagel with cream cheese so you have to give Dubas some credit on this acquisition. My only question is, was the bagel toasted?
All jokes aside, what are your thoughts Leafsnation? Are you happy with the way the trade deadline went for Toronto? Or were you expecting more? As always, post your thoughts, concerns and opinions down below in the comments section!

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