Mike Babcock got what he deserved: Leafs Morning Take

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Nick Alberga
9 months ago
As has been the case many times before in his coaching career, Mike Babcock couldn’t get out of his own way in Columbus.
And ultimately, it cost him his job.
78 days. That’s how long the 60-year-old was the bench boss of the Blue Jackets before Sunday’s warranted resignation from his post.
Any way you slice it though, the past five days could’ve been avoided had Jarmo Kekalainen and company just used better judgement before deciding to bring Babcock back to the NHL. It didn’t make sense when they announced the hiring on July 1st, and it doesn’t make sense now.
Needless to say, Jay Rosehill and I didn’t mince words when we got together to tie a bow on this ridiculous situation. As expected, Rosey brought the fire: “”Some people are thinking this is kind of like a cancel culture and weak younger generation ganging up and canceling a guy’s career, I don’t see it as that at all.”

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As per usual, my co-host was bang-on with his assessment. Bottom line: Mike Babcock got what was coming to him. Lather, rinse, repeat. Again, the bigger story is why’s the buck stopping at him? From the beginning, this situation has been grossly mismanaged, and again, it could’ve easily been avoided. Personally, I think Kekalainen and Columbus’ President of Hockey Operations, John Davidson, should be held more accountable for their decision making. I mean, Kekalainen went as far to thank Babcock in Monday’s press release. Utterly ridiculous.
Furthermore, what a way for a career to end. At this point, I think Babcock can kiss his chances of entering the Hockey Hall of Fame anytime soon. What a narcissist.
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