On Kyle Dubas, Auston Matthews, and all things locker cleanout day: Leafs Morning Take

Nick Alberga
1 year ago
From the onset, there was a weird tone to locker cleanout day in Toronto.
On top of that, Brendan Shanahan was nowhere to be found.
The Tuesday edition of Leafs Morning Take tackled and dissected everything of substance from Monday. Naturally, I kicked off the show by having Rosey breakdown what the final day of the season is like from a player’s perspective.
After that, we jumped into things. Firstly, we tackled accountability. Does the mindset need to change inside that locker room? Why’s the general acceptance of losing still lingering? We did our best to cover all bases.
Indisputably, the most newsworthy stuff of the day came when Kyle Dubas came to the podium. At this point, one way or another, no one really has a good feel of what comes next here. Most importantly, it’s important to humanize the situation.

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Also, Auston Matthews doubled down on how much he loved playing in Toronto and his desire to re-sign this summer. Nothing’s a foregone conclusion, but the general sense is that the two sides will figure things out.

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For the Betano Wrap Up, we gave our Stanley Cup picks.
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