On this day in 2001… Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tie Domi fights a Flyers fan in the penalty box

Zach Laing
1 year ago
It was 22 years ago today that a Philadelphia Flyers fan got a little too close to Tie Domi, and got taught a lesson.
It happened during the third period just moments after Flyers defenceman Luke Richardson laid a hard hit from behind on Darcy Tucker. Domi took exception trying to fight Richardson, but ended up being held back and was sent to the box for unsportsmanlike conduct.
But when Domi was in the box, fans begun throwing things at him and Domi responded by squirting one with a water bottle. The fan, Chris Falcone, came over the glass.
The two wrestled in the box as linesmen and security guards flew in to dissolve the fray
Here’s some of what The Associated Press wrote about the incident:
Toronto’s Tie Domi hadn’t had a fight in the penalty box since he was a teenager Back theft he took on a mascot mis time it was a fan.
Domi wrestled with a spectator who fell into the penalty box when a glass pane collapsed during the Maple Leafr 2-1 victory Thursday night over the Philadelphia Flyers.
“Hey that’s old time hockey it was perfect,” Domi said, laughing “Hey he comes into my territory that’s what happens.”
Domi — who was serving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty along with Flyers defenceman Luke Richardson at 3:36 of the third period — had sprayed fan Chris Falcone with a water bottle twice before the incident.
Falcone became angered and swung at Domi, when the glass panel separating the two suddenly buckled under the pressure. He fell into the penalty box and threw a punch at linesman Kevin Collins before being wrapped up by Domi who pulled the Falcone’s sweatshirt over his head Collins and security guards then separated the two.
“They threw stuff at me. Once was enough. After the second one I told the guy in the penalty box that after one more I was going to squirt water. So I squirted water,” Domi said.
“I mean I didn’t plan on fighting anybody”
The suburban Philadelphia fan, who said he may need several stitches in his forehead, was escorted from the arena and given a police citation. Domi was not penalized further.

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