The Final TLN Consolidated Draft Rankings

Jon Steitzer
2 years ago
The Bob McKenzie draft rankings seem to be widely regarded as the definitive rankings, given the high success rate of identifying first round selections. They also have the benefit of being based on NHL scouting staff sources, which isn’t to say they are better, or more accurate, but will be more predictive for those wanting to know where a prospect is potentially going to be picked.
The full list of 100 prospects can be found at TSN. 
As for us, it’s the final time we’ll update our consolidated draft rankings that run off of McKenzie’s list, HockeyProspect.com, Future Considerations, Dobber Prospects, Elite Prospects, and of course, our own Nick Richard’s list.
Given that the lists are based off of the lists of others and not TLN, you’ll notice that Logan Mailloux is still listed. I was a bit shocked to see that Logan Mailloux was at 35 on Bob McKenzie’s final rankings, but I’d have to imagine those were submitted well in advance of the news coming to light, and he’s very likely to be added to a few “do not draft” lists.
With the update to our rankings, comes the update to the draft prospect player cards, where you can find some statistics on each prospect, their rankings, and also their Hunter Score, which gives each player a value based on their on ice outputs, as well as their GF/GA variance, weighted by their league. (A full breakdown of how the consolidated rankings and Hunter score work can be found here.)
As for the TLN Consolidated Top 100, here it is:
1Matthew BeniersNCAAF
2Owen PowerNCAAD
3William EklundSHLF
4Brandt ClarkeOHLD
5Simon EdvinssonAllsvenskanD
6Luke HughesUSHLD
7Mason McTavishOHLF
8Jesper WallstedtSHLG
9Dylan GuentherWHLF
10Kent JohnsonNCAAF
11Fabian LysellSHLF
12Cole SillingerUSHLF
13Chaz LuciusUSDPF
14Fyodor SvechkovMHLF
15Sebastian CossaWHLG
16Matthew CoronatoUSHLF
17Isak RosenSHLF
18Brennan OthmannOHLF
19Xavier BourgaultQMJHLF
20Francesco PinelliOHLF
21Nikita ChibrikovMHLF
22Zachary BolducQMJHLF
23Aatu RatyLiigaF
24Logan StankovenWHLF
25Simon RobertssonSHLF
26Zach DeanQMJHLF
27Oskar OlaussonSuperelitF
28Carson LambosFinland U20D
29Corson CeulemansAJHLD
30Matthew SamoskevichUSHLF
31Stanislav SvozilCZECHD
32Zachary L’HeureuxQMJHLF
33Jack PeartUSHLD
34Ville KoivunenFinland U20F
35Evan NauseQMJHLD
36Aleksi HeimosalmiFinland U20D
37Tristan BrozUSHLF
38Daniil ChaykaOHLD
39Samu TuomaalaFinland U20F
40Olen ZellwegerWHLD
41Matthew KniesUSHLF
42Ayrton MartinoUSHLF
43Sasha PastujovUSHLF
44Sean BehrensUSHLD
45Artyom GrushnikovMHLD
46William StromgrenAllsvenskanF
47Tyler BoucherUSDPF
48Scott MorrowUSHSD
49Benjamin GaudreauOHLG
50Dylan DukeUSHLF
51Prokhor PoltapovMHLF
52Wyatt JohnstonOHLF
53Logan MaillouxD
54Samu SalminenFinland U20F
55Chase StillmanOHLF
56Brent JohnsonUSHLD
57Brett HarrisonOHLF
58Ryder KorczakWHLF
59Shai BuiumUSHLD
60Cole JordanWHLD
61Anton OlssonSHLD
62Danila Klimovich
63Oliver KapanenFinland U20F
64Peter ReynoldsQMJHLF
65Vincent IorioWHLD
66Victor StjernborgSHLF
67Jack BarUSHLD
68Kirill KirsanovMHLD
69Ilya FedotovMHLF
70Dmitri Kuzmin
71Samuel HeleniusLiigaF
72Ethan Del MastroOHLD
73Alexander KisakovMHLF
74Trevor WongWHLF
75Ty VoitOHLF
76Ryan UfkoUSHLD
77Matvei PetrovMHLF
78Dmitri Katelevsky
79James MalatestaQMJHLF
80Justin RobidasQMJHLF
81Nolan AllanWHLD
82Liam Dower NilssonSuperelitF
83Vladislav LukashevichMHLD
84Robert OrrQMJHLF
85Kyle MastersWHLD
86Dmitri KostenkoMHLD
87Sean TschigerlWHLF
88Olivier NadeauQMJHLF
89Josh DoanUSHLF
90Aidan HreschukUSHLD
91Colton DachWHLF
92Riley KidneyQMJHLF
93Conner RouletteWHLF
94Jake MartinUSHLD
95Red SavageUSHLF
96Tristan LennoxOHLG
97Aleksi MalinenLiigaD
98Connor LockhartOHLF
99Ethan Cardwell
100Cameron WhynotQMJHLD
From a Leafs fan perspective, it’s encouraging to see that names like Brett Harrison still show up when they pick, and with the draft having a history of players who slide, and GM’s who reach, the Leafs will likely walk away with a player from the top 50.
With the opening night for the draft coming up on Friday, and the Leafs with their marginally more busy day Saturday, consider this your crash course in who to watch for.

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